My Hero Academia 397 Spoilers: All Might’s First Conversation With Nana Shimura Revealed!

My Hero Academia chapter 397 is titled “Picking Up the Trash”. 

all might my hero academia chapter 397 spoilers
My Hero Academia

The spoilers for chapter 397 of the My Hero Academia manga are here, and it offers more insight into All Might’s life as he faces AFO!

In the previous chapter, All Might started fighting against AFO using his car, Hercules, who became an armor covering him.

My Hero Academia Chapter 397 Spoilers:

My Hero Academia chapter 397 is titled “Picking Up the Trash”.

The chapter is said to begin with All Might stating that he feels bad for beating up a young man now that he’s over 50 years old.

He then thinks that AFO let the hatred grow inside of him, causing harm to others and causing him to steal One for All. Hence, he decides that trash-talking is the way to go!

All Might then says out loud that AFO isn’t some demon lord because even a quirkless man can give him a good fight.

This makes AFO extremely angry, who then mixes Springlike Limbs, Physical Boost, Air Cannon, Rivet Stab, Dark Ball, and Light Dust, causing a huge explosion that sends All Might flying!

All Might picked up on the fact that AFO is mixing random quirks in anger to attack! Luckily for All Might, he was protected by the Utility Cloak Dark Shadow shield.

Therefore, he decides to stick to his plan. Then, Hercules says that the cape and many other parts of the armor’s arms have been severely damaged.

All Might asks Hercules to switch to maximum support mode. He then talks back to AFO, stating that he is just taking out the garbage and not even fighting.

This time, AFO claps back, saying that the real garbage has gained some confidence now as it is covered in another garbage bag.

AFO also states that all he has to do is destroy that armor as all the tools he’s using can never defeat him.

All Might then remembers what he told Deku during the cultural festival. He told him that he had seen many pro heroes fail because they relied too much on support items, which leads us to a small flashback to the first time he met his mentor Nana.

A young Toshinori once tried to defeat a horde of villains with nothing but a steel pipe, when Nana came to the rescue and defeated all the villains.

She even asked him if he was going to fight so many of them with just a steel pipe!

According to the spoilers, we then come back to the present where All Might is ready to launch another attack.

AFO then says that he didn’t fall for All Might’s trick, he only threw away some quirks because his victory is guaranteed.

All Might then says “Could you stop making excuses? It’s honestly hard to watch.” and the chapter ends.