My Hero Academia 389 Spoilers: Final Member Of Todoroki Family Arrives

Urarara is still fighting Toga in her Toga form.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 389, titled “Relief and Prayers,” will release on May 22, but the spoilers have arrived!

The chapter continues the focus on the Todoroki family and hints at Shoto’s new awakening of his quirk.

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases; kindly take them with a grain of salt.

MHA Chapter 388 Recap:

A flashback shows how Rei arrived near Dabi’s location and how civilians are being rescued by heroes in a bike-shaped robot.

Natsu recalls ignoring Toya’s protests as a child. The chapter ends with a vision of a what-if scenario with adult Toya wearing Dabi’s jacket.

MHA Chapter 389 Spoilers:

The chapter is yet again a small one, with only 11 pages. It is titled: Relief and Prayers.

The chapter continues from the previous chapter, with the HQ stating that the speed with which the temperature was rising has slowed down.

This does not mean that the explosion has been stopped, as the temperature in the area itself has not decreased.

Rei, Fuyumi, and Natsuo are now using their ice to protect themselves from the heat of the explosion.

The chapter then cuts to Dabi’s point of view, where he is looking at Endeavour, who is a few inches away from Dabi and is taking full advantage of the explosion.

Dabi thinks, “Everyone is looking at me. Oh, so that’s how it feels… If it was this easy thing to do, then why didn’t it happen sooner?”

Meanwhile, Tiger from Wild Wild Pussycats is evacuating the civilians from just outside the edge of the blast, He also tells all heroes to evacuate.

Then the chapter focuses on the fight between Toga and Uraraka. Toga is still in her Twice form, and there is still a massive swarm of Twice clones on the battlefield.

The clones are still overwhelming the heroes, but Ochako dodges the clones using her quirk to minimise the damage while she fights Toga in her Twice form.

Tetsutetsu holds Kendo’s hand to help her run faster as they evacuate from the falling shelter.

The Masegaki kids, Shoto, met them during their remedial licence arc and are in the U.A. robots watching Dabi’s explosion on the tablet.

The chapter then cuts to the reporting helicopter flying over and filming the encounter between Dabi and Todoroki’s family. The reporter in the helicopter is the same one who spoke to Endeavour in MHA Season 6. She remembers Endeavour telling them to watch him as he will upload the title on Number One Hero.

The chapter then cuts to one of the evacuation camps where the Endeavour’s fan, who said, “Can’t you see it?” during Endeavour’s fight against the Nomu, is watching the whole situation and praying.

The focus then shifts to an unknown woman in the Philippines. She also has all-white hair similar to Rei’s and is also praying. Bak at Masegaki kids, unlike everyone else, they don’t seem to be panicking or scared, as one of them says, “It’s okay, we still have “Five Peepee Man”, referring to Shoto.

The chapter then cuts to Shoto, who is being carried by Ida at more than Mach speed toward Dabi. For the first time in the series, Shoto has also created a construct.

He has created a jet-like structure covering Ida and him, providing aerodynamics and cooling to Ida’s engine.

The chapter ends with Shoto breaking his construct as he puts his hand near this heart and activates his Phosphor move.

The chapter ends here, and you can read MHA Chapter 389 when it comes on Viz Media’s official website.