MHA Chapter 388 Spoilers: Todoroki Family Risk Their Lives To Save Dabi??!

The appearance of the Todoroki family triggers something in Dabi…

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My Hero Academia Chapter 388 titled “Toya” will release on May 15 but the spoiler have arrived! With fans excited to see the greatest matchup in MHA history – All Might vs All For One, Horikoshi decides to take a little detour and refocus on the Todoroki family squabble once again.

As these are spoilers and not official releases, please take them with a grain of salt.

Thanks to Twitter user Rukasu for the spoiler translations!

MHA Chapter 387 Recap

While Endeavour struggled to keep Dabi at bay, Rei Todoroki tries to stop her son from doing anything crazy. Meanwhile, Geten contemplated about his blood-related connection with the Himura family.

MHA Chapter 388 Spoilers

The chapter is a short one with only 11 pages. The leaker suspects that Horikoshi would have submitted 2 chapters at once before golden week. And there’s no break next week.

MHA Chapter 388 begins with a flashback on how Rei got to where Dabi and Endeavour were. Kendo immobilized the AFO spies with her hands and notifying the other heroes that they have screwed with the system, causing the shelters to stop moving. The heroes then begin carrying all civilians to the surface.

The U.A. robots are also present and ready to transport individuals to other secure zones; all they need to do is give them an order. The heroes urge the civilians not to look the other way in order to avoid viewing Dabi’s massive heat sphere, but the Todorokis disregard that advice.

Rei shows up, expresses concern and jumps into one of the bike-shaped robots, appealing to Natsuo to protect his sister. She then requests that the robot transport her to the source of the heat, to which the robot responds that he is only there to carry out the human’s orders, and the flashback concludes.

Cut to the present. The robot has been completely wrecked by the heat and has “died” while doing a thumbs-up. As her face begins to burn, Rei cries, “TOYA!” Endeavour wonders whether she’s keeping herself alive by using her ice on herself, and she intends to do the same with Toya.

Endeavour warns her that she will burn to death, but she responds by claiming that the same applies to them. Seeing her mom out of nowhere, Dabi gets reminded of all his childhood days and mumbles “mooooom”. Rei catches that and apologizes. Next, he says, “Natsu-kun, Fuyumi-chan…”, and Rei realizes that the two of them have arrived too late.

Their appearance triggers a lot of flashbacks. Natsuo recalls ignoring Toya’s protests as a child, imagines himself properly speaking to him as a child, and exclaims, “Stop causing so much trouble, stupid brother!”

Endeavour considers that if he uses more fire to force them aloft, Toya’s body will be exhausted. “Please, don’t take them too…” he says, as we get a vision of all of them in a what-if future, with an adult Toya wearing Dabi’s jacket. Thus ends the chapter.

You can read MHA Chapter 388 when it comes on Viz Media’s official website.