MHA Chapter 387: Todoroki’s Mom Appears To Stop Dabi

Endeavor tries to save Dabi but the attempt ends in shambles before Rei shows up.

Dabi vs Endeavor
BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA © 2014 by Kohei Horikoshi/SHUEISHA Inc.

My Hero Academia Chapter 387 titled “Congealed” will be released on 29th April but its spoiler have arrived! With fans excited to see the greatest matchup in MHA history – All Might vs All For One, Horikoshi decides to take a little detour and refocus on the Todoroki family squabble once again.

As these are spoilers and not official releases, please take them with a grain of salt.

Thanks to Twitter user Rukasu for the spoiler translations!

MHA Chapter 386 Recap

All Might appears out of nowhere in Chapter 386 with an Iron Man suit-like suitcase to face his lifelong nemesis All For One once again. Meanwhile, the Todoroki family find themselves in another problem with Dabi trying to detonate a huge bomb.  Endeavour is fighting him, but his peculiarity will not stop the explosion.

Shoto knows better than anyone that body and mind are different because of his experiences. Shoto wants to stop All For One, but All Might thinks it’s okay. He must stop Toya and comfort everyone.

Only Engine and Half-Cold Half-Hot can save Gunga. Shoto reports Iida’s engines overheated, but the rain cooled its temperature. Shoto will be guided by his legs.

Iida tells Shouto to hold on. Stain watches and mutters that they’re giving all for others. Iida’s full might is used to fly them through the air and crash structures.

MHA Chapter 387 Spoilers

The chapter opens with a conversation between inmates Geten and Compress. Geten claims that the Himura family has thick blood and that they were a proud and wealthy dynasty with many diverse branches. But the more the age of quirks advanced, the more prestige they lost.

For those who don’t know, the Himura family is the family that Rei Todoroki, mother of Shoto, Toya, Natsuo, and Fuyumi, is from.

Geten further reveals that they didn’t want their blood to get mixed to other families’ and Compress comments that it’s a mix of family pedigree and quirk discrimination, something which Spinner told him about. As a result, they started getting married to distant relatives and almost went extinct.

This is where Geten reveals that he too is connected to the Himura family. He explains that those from the main line, like Rei, were sold into arranged marriages as a last resort while Geten was nurtured by Redestro after the other lineages faded away.

The Himura family is connected to the next scene of the chapter where Endeavor and Dabi continue to duke it out. They’re now 800m away from Gunga because Endeavor knows that not only innocent bystanders but also the heroes working to stop Toga’s clones will be harmed.

The fire quirk user is exhausted with his fight against All For One but nevertheless has the strength to give Dabi some trouble.

However, Dabi rushes up to him, exclaiming, “LOOK AT ME, DAD!!! With a grin on his face, Endeavour imagines a young Toya exclaiming, “Look at what I can do now!” before delivering a massive fire punch.

Toya keeps yelling “look at me!!!” and “let’s play, Natsu” when pillars of flame shoot out from the ground and Endeavour orders him to put them out. It dawns on Endeavour that he can hardly think, and he wonders how he’s still alive despite the intense heat.

He extends his hand towards Dabi’s chest and starts thinking to himself. At that time, Toyo has ice coming out of his chest because he inherited Rei Todoroki’s quirk.

It was explained earlier in My Hero Academia that, there are two kinds of phenomenon when someone is close to death: awakening an already existing ability, like what happened to Bakugo in the previous war, or developing a brand new type of ability. So what happened to Dabi is the 1st – awakening of an already existing ability which was inherited from his mom.

Endeavor expresses his guilt once again and says he will not let his son die alone and won’t let him involve anyone else in his revenge.

Next, Endeavour grabs Dabi and takes to the air. He utilises his son’s flames to get as high as he can, but the heat is causing him to pass out. Just as things look hopeless, Rei emerges next to them and begins employing her ice quirk related attack on Dabi. Thus ends the chapter.

You can read the chapter when it comes on Viz Media’s official website.