MHA Chapter 386 Spoilers Teases All Might Vs All For One

The chapter is titled “I AM HERE!”, quoting All Might’s iconic catchphrase when he appears!

BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA © 2014 by Kohei Horikoshi/SHUEISHA Inc.

My Hero Academia Chapter 386 titled “I AM HERE!” will be released on 22nd April but its spoiler have arrived! With fans excited to see their favorite villain Stain making an appearance in Chapter 385, they’re going even more crazy with the tease of arguably the greatest matchup in MHA history – All Might vs All For One!

As these are spoilers and not official releases, please take them with a grain of salt.

MHA Chapter 386 Spoilers

The chapter begins with the police officers stating that several blocks have begun to move again and that AFO has recently gone through Idou. Tsukauchi (Police Force member and one of All Might’s close friends) asks whether anyone is still willing to fight, and another cop says they’ve asked other officers for assistance, but they’re all occupied.

That’s when another cop jumps out of his chair and exclaims, “the heat from Dabi’s flames in Gunga…!” Tsukauchi begs him to explain and whether Endeavour has been vanquished. The cop claims that he hasn’t, but their analysis shows that Dabi is poised to blow up.

Dabi’s been concentrating the heat within his own body since he got up to continue battling. If he continues in this manner, he will only live around 10 minutes before all of his energy is unleashed, destroying his body and generating a 5km-wide heat explosion.

Tsukauchi despairs and La Brava warns him that some of the underground shelters are now close to Gunga, the civilians are in Dabi’s blast radius. The block where the Todoroki family is staying begins to collapse, and Gunhead instructs them to unlock the emergency exit.

Another cop cautions that AFO has gotten even faster and is now close enough to employ his goo teleport quirk. Tsukauchi requests reinforcements yet again, but someone affirms that no heroes will come in time. Then suddenly a voice over the communicator calls his name.

It’s All Might’s voice! He is relieved to hear that the two of them are safe and says that he doesn’t have much time, so he’ll be brief: they need to get to Gunga as soon as possible.

Dabi will detonate soon, and the evacuation blocks have stopped moving. Endeavour is fighting him, but his peculiarity will not stop the explosion. All Might declares that he is confident that Iida will be able to run there and begins a short speech addressed to Shoto.

Shoto knows better than anyone that body and mind are different because of his experiences. Shoto wants to stop All For One, but All Might thinks it’s okay. He must stop Toya and comfort everyone.

Only Engine and Half-Cold Half-Hot can save Gunga. Shoto reports Iida’s engines overheated, but the rain cooled its temperature. Shoto will be guided by his legs.

Iida tells Shouto to hold on. Stain watches and mutters that they’re giving all for others. Iida’s full might is used to fly them through the air and crash structures.

A narrative then begins, stating that Hawks’ report revealed that young AFO is stronger and more cruel. As AFO approaches, we see Hawks clutching Tokoyami, Tsukauchi shrieking “idiot!” and All Might coming out of his car, declaring that this has always been his battle as AFO flies towards him.

The former number one hero asserts that this brings up memories of their previous arguments and wonders if Shigaraki is to blame for all of this renewed hostility. Tsukauchi begs him to leave because he lacks quirks, and All Might smiles, recalling Deku’s question about whether he could be a hero without a quirk.

The last double page depicts All for One smiling as All Might’s briefcase and car begin to break apart to create some kind of robotic armour around his arm. He declares that he cannot ignore the villain in front of him and utters his famous line: I AM HERE! Thus ends the chapter!

Author Horikoshi comments on this by saying “I love the Mark 5…!”, which seem to iterate that All Might’s briefcase conversion into an armor is a reference to Iron Man’s Mark 5 suit-up!

My Hero Academia manga goes on a break next week due to the Golden Week holiday. Stay tuned for more spoilers on MHA & other shonen on this site!

You can read the chapter when it comes on Viz Media’s official website.