MHA 390 Spoilers: Dabi’s Dead!?

The chapter is titled “Shoto Todoroki: Rising”.

My Hero Academia

The spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 390 are out, and it is pretty exciting!

MHA Chapter 389 Recap:

The family’s united efforts in the previous chapter failed to prevent Dabi’s explosion.

When Toya’s family finally turned to look at him, he realized it was too late.

Shoto was observed getting quite close to Gunga and turning on his light, so all was not lost.

MHA Chapter 390 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, the chapter is titled “Shoto Todoroki: Rising”.

According to the spoilers, the chapter begins with Iida’s legs reaching their limit and him telling Shouto that he can only take him so far.

He then thanks him and propels himself using Phosphor. Lida has shocked everybody because he has reached transonic speed too.

Through this, Tsukauchi understands what All Might means about Lida and Shoto being the key. This finally helps him realize that he has finally become a good teacher.

Iida then thanks his friend for allowing him to become his ideal self, and that’s why he wishes the same for his friend.

The narrator then shows what Shoto wrote in the letters to his mother: he says that he is giving his best every day to reach his classmates’ level. This also meant in the sense of being more expressive and friendly around others.

He’s even been practicing conversations by talking in different ways! Although this led to many conflicts, this helped him understand people and be more empathetic.

He then thinks to himself that if Dabi’s origin was really something so simple, they could have solved it long ago.

And, he could only understand this after growing closer to his family.

Then, he uses Great Glacial Aegir again, the same move he used in their previous fight.

Shoto also adds that he’s not a masterpiece and that his ice isn’t enough to defeat Dabi.

Touya regains consciousness and says “you guys…”, and then starts saying that everyone should die, including himself.

Meanwhile, Natsuo is left wondering what will come next in this hellish life.

At this point, Dabi’s body is done for. His eyes and jaws have been destroyed, and even if he got all the medical treatments in the world, he’d still be left with a hollow life, not being able to move or do much.

But for now, he is encased in Shoto’s ice, which might just be saving him.

Endeavor then apologizes for not going to Sekoto Peak and also to his family, rei, and Toya too, and passed out.

According to MHA 390 Spoilers, the scene cuts to Toga as she sees that Dabi’s flames have gone out and remembers Dabi’s words saying that they should all smile.

Her eyes get teary and she wonders “Touya, were you able to smile?” In front of her, Ochako looks determined.

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