Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 Spoilers: The Ship Of Boruto And Sarada Sails

Amado realizes that his memories have been overwritten.

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Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 spoilers have arrived, and they reveal what happened to Sasuke Uchiha.

Disclaimer: As these chapters are spoilers and not official releases, take these spoilers with a grain of salt.

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 Spoilers:

The chapter is targeted, and the cover features Sasuke holding his sheathed sword.

It begins with a flashback of Sasuke training Boruto after they ran away from the village.

Sasuke shared that he has nothing else to teach Boruto and also said that his eyes reflect those of Naruto.

For that reason, and because of Sarada, Sasuke decided to train Boruto. The chapter then shows Sasuke and Boruto figthing Code and his Claw Grimes.

During the fight, Sasuke orders Boruto to run as he stays back to keep them from chasing Boruto.

Sometime later, Boruto finds Sasuke turned into a tree and his sword hanging from his hand. Boruto takes Sasuke’s sword and asks Sasuke to leave everything to him.

The chapter then switches focus to the present, where Konuhamaru finds out that Moegi has also turned into a tree.

She ended up sacrificing herself to save a child and a mother who were late.

He swears that he will never forgive Code and Jyubi for what they’ve done. Moegi’s team of the new Ino-Shika-Cho is present there as well, and they vow the same.

The Otsutsuki woman then says that she can feel their deep anger and despair. The new Otsutsukis talk about what she felt, stating that her “sensitivity is growing.”

It is then revealed that her name is Matsuri, and that understanding human emotions is something that only she seems capable of.

We also get to know that all of them have a single existence but have their own consciousness, calling it “shinju.”

They also talk about how their purpose of eating Boruto and Kawaki as they’re Otsutsuki now doesn’t change.

However, the guy who seems to be the leader announces that he wants to eat Naruto as well, stating that his instinct believes that he’s someone they need to get rid of.

Eida saw this through her calivoryance and is confused as to why they would want Naruto.

The scene changes back to the “Shinju,” who are talking about following their instincts and the voice inside of them.

Matsuri then states that her instinct tells her to follow Konohamaru. She then wonders if it is because she wants to eat him.

Then, the Sasuke-looking clone says the leader’s name, “Jura.” The clone wonders who they are. Jura replies that, while his question is understandable, it isn’t something they need to care about.

He believes that it’s a waste to think about it. Jura tells the Sasuke clone to follow his instincts while revealing his name as “Hidari.”

Eida wonders if the people they turned into the tree were eaten and if their chakra gave birth to these clones.

Then, the guy with a big beard stands up and walks into Eida’s space in her Jutsu and announces that she is his target.

Eida is clearly flabbergasted by this interaction, even sweating quite heavily. Hidari announces that Sarada Uchiha is his target.

The scene then shifts to Amado and Sumire, where Sumire talks about Boruto returning and saving Konoha but still getting chased away.

Amado states that it was obvious, as he went for the leader. He also says that he has added Akebi’s data to Kawaki’s restored karma, and now he simply has to engrave the karma on a new clone. Then, the girl will be brought back.

Sumire then asks Amado about how he would be in trouble if Boruto died, as he was waiting for him to come back, especially for his daughter.

Amado then states that he let him escape Kara and teamed up with Kashin Koji to simply get rid of Isshiki Otsutsuki.

Amado states that Sumire believes he needs Boruto to reconstruct his daughter with karma, which makes him important. However, he states that Kawaki has karma too, and he is a scientific ninja tool at this point, and he’s the one who made all the modifications.

Sumire is confused as to how Amado can know about the Karma with such surity, and Amado states that just like an artist, he left signs that indicate that he made the Karma so that they can be distinguished.

And the Karma in Kawaki’s hand is the one he put Akebi in. Amado states that while his memory is partly overwritten, the facts support this claim. And, to him, nothing beats actual proofs.

Amado states that he doesn’t know who overwrote his memory, but all that matters to him is that Kawaki is the one who has the karma for his daughter.

Sai and Shikamaru were secretly listening to the two’s conversation. Sai asks Shikamaru about his opinion. Sumire discusses this with Sarada as well, who seems surprised that Amado realizes that he is affected by ompnipotence.

Sarada also states that while most people will believe their memory, even Sasuke managed to break through the omnipotence by looking at the facts.

Suddenly, Boruto appears and states that it was because his master trusted him. He then states that Sasuke used his life to save him.

Before Boruto could say anything more, Sarada hugged him tightly, catching Boruto off guard. Boruto is frozen, as Sarada states that he’s late to meet her. Boruto finally manages to hug her back and apologize.

He states that he is back home as Sumire watches from the sidelines. The text on the side states, “The hug is a proof of memories that never change.”Boruto is back on behalf of his master.”.

The chapter ends here.