Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 1 Spoilers: Boruto, Kawaki, Sarada And Mitsuki’s New Post Time Skip Look, Naruto’s Condition And More Revealed!

The pre-time skip chapter was release three months ago

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The early spoilers for Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 1 are here! The early spoilers were posted by Twitter user @Abdul-S172, and it shows off Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki, Kawaki, and many other characters’ new looks and provides some insight into the current state of the village hidden in the leaves!

In the previous chapter, released three months ago, we saw Kawaki sealing away Naruto and Hinata and Eida using her powers to interchange Boruto and Kawaki’s position, leading to the whole world believing that Boruto sealed away his adoptive parents.

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 1 Spoilers

The chapter’s first page opens with a color double spread page, showing off Boruto’s new character design! Boruto is clearly older now, wearing the cloak we saw in Chapter 1, and no headbands. He is wearing a blazer and a white shirt, with a few badges, including one of Konoha’s symbols. Boruto is also wearing an Uzumaki-like designed necklace and a cylindrical necklace.

He’s wearing dress pants and a double brown belt, with a sword attached to it. Boruto also has an extremely serious look on his face.

Next, we get to take a look at Sarada’s new look. She’s wearing a choker on her neck, Uchiha earrings, a bomber jacket, a strapless jumpsuit, and a thigh bag for her ninja tools.

Sarada is in the Hokage’s office, arguing with Shikamaru, who is seen wearing the Hokage cloak, with Konohamaru on his side. Sarada argues that Boruto is not a traitor, but Shikamaru is worried that Sarada won’t be able to perform her duties as a shinobi. Before leaving, Sarada says “my role model is the seventh hokage not you”.

The chapter also shows Kawaki, who’s in his space dimension, looking at Naruto and Hinata. Kawaki is wearing all back, apart from his overcoat, and has an overgrown messy hairstyle. According to the spoilers, time stops in this dimension, hence explaining why Naruto and Hinata haven’t aged.

Sarada then meets up with Sumire, who is wearing a shirt with a sleeveless blaze, a short tie, and a mini skirt! Her footwear has changed too, as she’s wearing long boots now! The two are talking to Ada and Daemon, who look similar to the last time we saw them!

Sarada and Sumire ask Eida if she can reverse the history she rewrote. Eida replies that she can’t do it, and further asks “How were you two able to retain your memories?”

The scene then changes to Kawaki, who’s with Mitsuki. Mitsuki has grown his hair too and is in a completely black outfit with a white belt. According to the spoilers. Mitsuki seems to still hate Boruto, and even states that he wants to kill him.

Kawaki then flies into the air and hovers while stating that Boruto cannot escape his eyes. As soon as he steps foot in the village, Kawaki will rush and kill him.

We also see Himawari, who is around 10 years old now, and is training with Chocho to become stronger! Himawari is wearing a crop top with a Sunflower. She also mentions that she has doubts about Boruto being a bad guy. Himawari also believes that her parents aren’t dead because of her gut instinct. We also see Inojin and Shikadai, who’re wearing a hoodie and a jacket respectively.

According to the spoilers, the chapter then switches to some action as Code’s Ten-Tails minion army attacks Konoha. Sarada manages to protect the villagers, but the minions keep regenerating and fighting. Code then makes his entrance and asks Sarada to scream for help. He has a scar on his right eye as well and looks like a vampire butler in his new outfit.

Suddenly, Boruto jumps in and steps on Code’s face while saying “That’s the kind of creepy thinking that gets you in trouble with all the girls.”

Then, Kawaki shows up too and says that Boruto is finally in their sights as the two come face to face. The chapter ends here, with the next preview text stating “The whirlpool of destiny/fate to be mixed together once again.”

Stay tuned for further spoilers!

Source: Twitter