Boruto Chapter 79 Spoilers Just Revealed The Entire Story Was A LIE!

Early leaks of the chapter show Boruto’s destiny coming true.

Boruto chapter 79 spoilers featured
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

After the big shocker that was chapter 78 of Boruto, fans were extremely excited for the next one! However, NOBODY could’ve expected what the leaks are claiming!

Early leaks of the chapter show Boruto’s destiny coming true.

Boruto Chapter 79 Spoilers:

The chapter starts off with everybody searching for Kawaki. Meanwhile, Kawaki is still erasing his chakra signature.

Boruto asks Sarada to join Mitsuki in the search because he’s worried about him.

Eida has managed to find Kawaki and tells him that she’s on his side. Kawaki is in distress and keeps rambling about wanting to protect Naruto.

During this, he also mentions that he wishes to be in Boruto’s place, as Naruto’s true son.

Then, Eida starts levitating with Kawaki, and a huge beam of light shoots into the sky. We then see a panel where the light even passes through the planet.

Using her powers, Eida has rewritten history! According to Momoshiki, this is the power of an almighty God!

Eida was successful in reversing Boruto and Kawaki’s place in the world! Suddenly, Boruto is the enemy of Konoha now!

Momoshiki then confirms that this is what he meant by Boruto losing everything!

From what we know so far, the true nature of Eida’s powers is shown here. Simply put, Eida used people’s chakras to manipulate their memories.

Stay tuned as we wait for further spoilers for Boruto Chapter 79!