Black Clover Chapter 369 Spoilers: Lucius Is Dead??! Luck And Magna Team Up To Kill 1 Of The Clones

According to the spoilers, Black Clover chapter 369 is titled “United Front”.

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Black Clover fans! We finally have something to talk about AT LAST! The much-awaited spoilers for Black Clover’s chapter 368 of the manga are here, and it looks like Lucius is in big trouble! Yeah, he’s not technically dead, as only one of his 11 clones were killed.

But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a big W for the Black Bulls.

In the preceding chapter, Asta, Ichika, and the Black Bulls made their way to the Clover Kingdom battleground. Nacht and Ichika join Yami in fighting Morgen, while Asta joins Yuno in his fight against Lucius.

Black Clover Chapter 369 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, Black Clover chapter 369 is titled “United Front”. Tabata drew a beautiful double-spread cover page for the chapter, teasing the FINAL battle between the Black Bulls and Lucius.

The chapter begins with Asta and Yuno saying, “I’ll defeat this guy, and become the Wizard King!!!” and charging towards two of Lucius’ clones in a 2 vs 2 fight.

However, Lucius summons two more of his clones, making the fight 4 vs 2.

The eldest Zogratis sibling boldly claims that he clearly has the advantage over Yuna, and Asta teaming up with Yuna wouldn’t make any difference.

Suddenly, the chapter cuts to a flashback wherein Asta introduces Ichika to his crew. They were shocked to learn that Ichika is indeed Yami’s sister. But that didn’t stop Finral and Gauche from hitting on her…

After that, Ichika elaborates that their magic is now mixed with Asta’s anti-magic to create a “pseudo anti-magic,” but that it has its limits. The more spells they cast, the more this magic depletes.

While breaking his to try understanding all this, Asta jumps in and essentially says they can cross that hurdle through the power of friendship. Right? RIGHT?

The scene then moves to the present, where we see Luck easily taking down several angels with his superspeed. He remembers Ichika’s warning about losing this pseudo anti-magic while using spells and says, “No problem!! I will defeat them before that!!”

Ichika also told them they could expect one or two highly powerful attacks, but it looks like Luck is in control!

A Lucius copy finds him troublesome and tries to take him down, but Magna intervenes, attacking him from behind.

What follows are beautiful double-spreads of Luck + Magna vs Lucius, using all sorts of attacks like Manga’s Secret Black Flame Magic: Soul Chain Deathmatch.

This attack split Lucius’ magic into 3 parts, making it easier for the duo to attack the latter with even stronger attacks. What’s more, this clone isn’t able to heal his injuries fast enough to dodge or recover from Luck and Magna’s continuous attacks.

With half of that anti-magic remaining, Magna unleashes her powerful attack, Black Flame Black Thunder: Demolishing Explosive Cannon, to kill the clone, prompting Asta to declare the duo the winner and says the counterattack has only just begun!

And the chapter ends here. The full chapter of Black Clover chapter 369 will be released on December 24th. Check it out once it comes on Viz and Mangaplus!

Source: Twitter, Reddit