Black Clover Chapter 367 Spoilers: Asta’s New Anti-Magic Power!

Black Clover chapter 367 is titled “Black Bonds”. 

asta black clover chapter 367
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The spoilers for Black Clover chapter 367 are out and fans are divided about the recent developments!

Black Clover Chapter 366 Recap:

In the last chapter, Ryuya and Yosuga persuaded Ichika to travel with Asta to the Clover Kingdom in order to meet Yami.

As soon as they got to the Clover Kingdom, Asta slashed Damnatio with his katana to finish him off.

Black Clover Chapter 367 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, Black Clover chapter 367 is titled “Black Bonds”. 

The chapter begins with Damnatio falling unconscious from Asta’s attack, just like Sister Lily. Before falling, Damnatio thinks to himself about how never imagined that Black Bulls would save him.

Asta assures him that he’ll wake him up as soon as possible, and runs towards the Black Bulls.

Right then, the Queen Witch uses her powers to heal all of them. The Queen Witch also reveals that she was able to save everyone in the nick of time because of Secre’s Healing Magic which kept them alive.

However, the Witch Queen had to face severe consequences for healing so many people from the brink of death! She ended up using all of her powers, causing her to age and lose her youth.

Therefore, she asks Vanessa to become the Witch Queen and replace her. That’s when Dorothy Unsworth appeared and chimed in, stating that she’d love to become the Witch Queen because it sounds fun.

Dorothy also assured that she will do her best to stay alive in the battle against the Paladins.

The Witch Queen also asks Asta if he had anything to help his squadmates.

We then get a flashback back to Hino Country. Ryudo Ryuya posited a hypothesis and questioned Asta about the possibility of sharing Anti-Magic’s abilities with other things.

Asta thought he could do it, remembering how he had once encased Yami’s katana in Anti-Magic.

Ryuya reasoned that, given the fact that Asta was able to share his Anti-Magic with objects, it was still possible for Asta to do the same with people due to the mysticism surrounding Anti-Magic.

Asta recalled the time when he had taken Noelle’s spell in the Dungeon after hearing this.

Ryuya was adamant that Asta had improved significantly in handling Anti-Magic as a result of his Zetten training.

As a result, he asked Asta to try to spread his Anti-Magic. With that, he also realized that Asta’s chemistry and the amount of time they spent together had a significant impact on whether or not they shared powers.

Asta distributed his abilities to everyone with his Demon-Dwellor sword. With his help, the Black Bulls are back in action, coated with anti-magic!