Black Clover Chapter 366 Spoilers: Ichika Comes To Visit Yami, Asta Dominates Damnation!

The chapter is titled “Main Performer”. 

black clover chapter 366 spoilers
Black Clover

The spoilers for Black Clover chapter 366 are out, and fans are extremely hyped to see Asta finally enter the battlefield!

However, we have a surprise as well! Let’s take a look!

Black Clover Chapter 366 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, the chapter is titled “Main Performer”.

The chapter starts with Asta bidding farewell to everybody, as Finral comes to pick him up. Asta asks if one more person can travel with him, to which Finral says yes.

Ryu suggests that Ichika should go with Asta. While Ichika refused at first, as she stated that her place was beside Ryu.

However, Yosuga assured her that he will protect the Shogun and the Hino country.

Ryu chimes in as well, asking her to meet up with her brother.

“Ichika, go and see Yami…!! And then, definitely come back alive…!!”, he says.

Ichika agrees, and the two go to the Clover Kingdom.

According to Black Clover chapter 366 Spoilers, Asta becomes enraged after witnessing the state of his beloved Black Bulls.

Damnatio tries to intimidate Asta, but Asta asks Finral to focus on treating others as he can deal with Damnatio alone.

Asta then takes out the Demon Slasher Katana and walks straight toward Damnatio.

Damnatio then uses Air Magic to attack Asta, but the latter cancels it using Anti-Magic easily.

This was unexpected for both, Damnatio and Finral. Ast then says that Damnatio’s magic is incompatible with his anti-magic.

He then mentions how Damnatio talks about justice and peace but his actions completely contradict it.

Asta then uses Zetten and slashes through Damnatio and the chapter ends!

The manga is on break next week.