Black Clover Chapter 365 Spoilers: Asta Is Here!

The chapter is titled “500 Years of Suffering”.

asta returns black clover chapter 365
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The leaks for Black Clover Chapter 365 are here, and fans are extremely excited about what’s coming next!

In the previous chapter, we saw the Black Bulls use everything they have to protect the gate and bet on Asta, but the situation is getting worse for the Black Bulls!

Black Clover Chapter 365 Spoilers:

The chapter is titled “500 Years of Suffering”.

The chapter starts by explaining that only the suffering and injuries endured up until this point are sealed by Nero’s sealing power, and if she loses, the enchantment will break.

Either Nacht or Magna yells at Nero to leave Henry and Gordon on their own.

Charmy slams at Damnatio after shouting “What are you doing…?”

Lucius has granted some Paladins a second spell. Damnatio received atmospheric magic as well as the purified version of the supreme devil Baal.

“The unseen powers will judge you.”, he says.
Secre only cared about her objective for 500 years. That amount of time is heartbreakingly long.

In her human form, she was unable to withstand it.

After the mission, she didn’t care whether she passed away. She believed that she had no ties to a world without Lumiere.

“500 years,” says Lumiere. Thank you very much for your service, Secre…! From now on, find happiness with your friends from this era”.

As Damnatio thrashes around the Black Bulls members, Secre thinks to herself that this needs to stop, they’re the friends who saved her.

She then states “It’s your fault… you’re the reason I’m alive, that I have friends, that I got my heart back. I can’t do this without you”.

Just then, Damnatio declared, “This time, it’s over.”

On the final page, we see that Asta is back!!