Black Clover Chapter 360 Spoilers: Asta Changed The Ending Of Black Clover

Yuno has become stronger than he should have been in Lucius’ Vision.

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Black Clover Chapter 360 will be released on May 29, but spoilers have arrived.

Yuno finally lands a pivotal blow on Lucius. He can’t believe his eye and blames Asta for it.

Disclaimer: As these are spoilers and not official releases, kindly take them with a grain of salt.

Black Clover Chapter 359 Recap:

Noelle had assimilated with the Underwater Temple’s dragon, the Sea God, and declared to surpass her paladin mother and defeat Lucius.

She reveals her new armour, the Valkyrie Dress: Dragon Form. Acier is proud of how strong her daughter has become.

Black Clover Chapter 360 Spoilers:

The chapter is titled “The Invisible World” and continues the fight between Noell and Acier.

Noelle unleashes her attack, but Acier dodges it and then says, “Let’s go, Noelle!”. Noelle replies by claiming it is her line.

The chapter switches its focus to Yuno and Lucius’ fight. Yuno catches up to Lucius’ speed with the mobility of his star and wind magic.

Lucius then declares,” But it’s over…! With this one attack, I’ll take control of your soul…!”

Yuno creates a shield to defend with the spell “Wind Spirit Creation Magic: Spirit of Notus.”

Lucius is surprised, and Yuno speeds up even more and declares, “I’ll end this soon.”

Lucius is surprised and ponders how strong Yuno has gotten.

According to his vision, the world in which he would be most powerful was supposed to be when he grew up in Spade Kindom, and rebellion did not happen instead of Clover Kingdom.

Even in that world, he would need several years to master star magic, but the Yuno right now has already mastered star magic in a single year.

Lucius also mentions in his thoughts that Yuno is not the only anomaly; according to his visions, the Silva household is not supposed to be this strong.

Morris should have killed Mareoleona, and Fuegoleon should have died and not been here. Even the Magic Knight should not have survived this long.

He is confused as to why the situation is different from his foresight. He continues by saying, “This Yuno…this World…this is the future I did not see. The world that Asta has affected”

At that very moment, Yuno comes in with his attack and cleaves Lucius from his lower left abdomen to his upper right shoulder. The chapter then ends.

The manga will take a break next week. Meanwhile, you can read the chapter when it officially comes out on Viz Media’s official website.

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