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Black Clover Chapter 359 Spoiler: Noelle’s New Magic Spirit And A Brand Valkyrie Dress Revealed

Noelle form contracts with a dragon: Sea God of the Underwater Temple.

Noelle valkyrie armor
BLACK CLOVER © 2015 by Yuki Tabata/SHUEISHA Inc.

Black Clover Chapter 359 will be released on May 22, but the spoilers have arrived.

The chapter revealed Noelle’s new magic spirit and her new dress, with which she will aim to defeat Acier, her mother.

Disclaimer: As these are spoilers and not official releases, kindly take them with a grain of salt.

Black Clover Chapter 358 Recap:

Mereoleona activates ‘Hellfire Incarnate,” and Morris cynically remarks that he’s never seen someone’s body so close to mana itself.

Morris says his ‘Revelation’ and tentacles regenerate faster, but Mereoleona claims she will punch Morris anyway. Fuegoleon comments on the fight, saying it’s not like Morris’s regeneration and decomposition can last infinitely.

Mereoleona unleashes a new spell, “Calidus Bracium: Purgatory Incineration,” to burn Morris to death for the members of the magic knight’s squad who sacrificed themselves.

Black Clover Chapter 359 Spoilers:

The chapter is titled “The Dancing Princess of the Battlefield” and starts with the fight between Acier Silvia and her children.

Acier dominates the fight but commends Nozel for becoming much stronger, though he still cannot defeat her.

She then scolds Solid and Nebra and says that they couldn’t get stronger because they let their hate and power wrap their minds. Acier says that she still has her children, no matter how weak they are, and offers to start a new life in the new world Lucius will create.

That’s when Noelle appears and asks her siblings not to lose hope. Seeing Noelle, Acier remarks, “You’re Noelle, aren’t you?” You looked just like me when I was younger. When this battle is over and you get reborn, we can be together forever this time!

This was the first time Noelle had met her mother, other than when she saw her spirit during her fight against Megicula.

While Noelle was glad to see her mother, she knew that the Acier in front of her was not the Acier she knew and heard about but the Acier she had to defeat.

With greater determination, Nolle declares her intention to surpass her mother and defeat her. Chapter then focuses on Nolle’s flashback.

As Noelle does not have Undine with her right now, she could not use Saint Sage. Although she had gotten stronger, her strength was nowhere near enough to fight and defeat Lucius Zogratis.

Knowing her powerlessness and being unable to save Asta, she was upset. Even after this, she believed in Asta and knew he was alive; thus, she could not give up and had to be stronger till judgement day.

Around that time, Kahono showed up as she needed her help regarding great trouble in the Underwater Temple.

Kahono, along with her brother Kiato, took Nolle to a gigantic dragon called the Sea God that the locals worshipped.

According to the tale, a dragon of the raging sea awakens from its long sleep when the end of the world is imminent. Following the legend, the Sea God woke up.

It was in search of an excellent water mage to assimilate him into a spirit form.

To no surprise, Noelle had successfully made the contract with Sea God and had assimilated her. She called the spirit form of the dragon Leviathan.

Back in the present, Noelle unleashes her new spell, Valkyrie Dress: Dragon Form. Acier is proud of Nolle for becoming so strong. The chapter ends, and it seems like there won’t be any break next week.

You can read the chapter when it officially comes out on Viz Media’s official website.

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