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Black Clover Chapter 356 Spoilers Reveal Yuno’s Broken New Magic!

Lucius acknowledges Yuno as his rival because of the latter’s new magic!

yuno black clover chapter 356
Black Clover

Black Clover chapter 356 spoilers are out, and fans are going crazy as Yuno shows off his new powers! With Judgment Day underway, Lucius and Yuno are ready to clash in a full-blown battle!

Black Clover 355 Recap:

In the previous chapter, Lucius commenced his expansive, large-scale spell aimed at the Clover Kingdom.

The Magic Knights were immobilized by the horror of the spell, but Yuno managed to obstruct the assault using his Star Magic.

Impressed by Yuno’s abilities, William chose to elevate him to the position of the Golden Dawn’s captain in the middle of the battle.

Black Clover Chapter 356 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, the chapter is titled “Neverland”. The title is based on Yuno’s new Star Magic Spell!

The spoilers for Chapter 356 of Black Clover revealed that the remaining Magic Knights were cheering Yuno as he went on to fight against Lucius, as he was likely the only one capable of matching his strength.

Lucius himself recognized Yuno’s formidable abilities but claimed that he was still not powerful enough to impede his plans.

In the meantime, the remaining Magic Knights attempted to engage Lucius’s minions in combat.

Despite utilizing a variety of mana attributes, their magic proved ineffective against these mysterious entities.

It was later disclosed that the legless angels possessed an invincible ability, rendering them impervious to any form or attribute of magic!

Morris then goes on a rant, stating “Rebels who disturbed the world become beings who bring order… What a rational world!”

En is in despair and talks about how powerless humans are, no matter if it’s the magic knights or the nobles.

He also adds that they’re going to try to fight to protect the citizens, even if it’s a losing battle.

Sol agrees to his latter statement, and attacks one of the legless angels with her Golem.

It is apparent that Sol’s Golem is much stronger than before. Yuno’s wind spirit, Bell, explains that this is because of her and Yuno’s ability.

This new ability allows Yuno to manipulate the flow of magic power and time in a certain range, allowing him to make the magic of his teammates strong and his enemies weaker!

Yuno then attacks Lucius with his new attack, “Star x Wind Spirit Magic: Neverland”.

Furthermore, Yuno’s magic has now made his fellow magic knights capable enough to fight the legless angels!

Klaus then admits that Yuno has become a Wizard King-level knight!

As Yuno attacks, Lucius traps him in a time spell on the new captain.

While Yuno is trapped in the Time magic spell, he can still move.

Lucius then explains “The basic principle of my time magic attack is ageing. It’s magic that manipulates & speeds up the flow of time, but…”

Suddenly, he is interrupted by Yuno, who adds that time does not pass when he’s using his new ability Neverland.

Lucius then admits that Yuno’s magic makes him his natural enemy. He then adds that he hates Yuno and acknowledges him as his rival.

Yuno declines, stating that he has only one rival while attacking him with the Spirit of Zephyr.

The chapter ends here, and the manga is on break next week!

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