Black Clover Chapter 354 Shows Lucius Attacking Clover Kingdom!

The chapter sees Lucius attack the Clover Kingdom.

Black clover chapter 354 featured
Black Clover

The spoilers for Black Clover 354 are out, and the fans of the series are hyped as we finally get to witness Judgement Day as Lucius comes to the Clover Kingdom with major surprises!

Black Clover Chapter 353 Recap:

The previous Black Clover chapter saw Asta waiting for the Black Bulls in the Land of the Sun and celebrating their victory.

Ichiki apologized to Asta for blaming Yami Sukehiro. Later, Asta accidentally enters the same bath as Ichika in a comedic scene. Ichika then tells him to take responsibility for the incident.

The chapter ends with Asta starting his training with the Ryuzen Seven to prepare for Judgement Day.

Black Clover Chapter 354 Spoilers:

The opening of the chapter portrayed the arrival of Lucius and three of his Paladins in the Clover Kingdom on Judgement Day.

In anticipation of the attack, the kingdom evacuated its inhabitants to the noble realm and then sealed the borders.

In fact, even neighbouring countries like the Spade and Heart Kingdoms had prepared for Judgement Day as well.

The Magic Knights were prepared to fight Lucius, with Yuno, Yami Sukehiro, Charolette Roselei, Jack the Ripper, and William Vangeance at the frontlines.

While waiting in the frontlines, Charlotte apologizes to Yami for avoiding him for the past few days. She explains that she wanted to prepare herself to do whatever is necessary during this battle.

Yami then invites Charlotte for tea after the battle since she cannot hold her drinks and wants to speak about something important.

Black Clover chapter 354 then shifts its focus back to Lucius, as he reveals three Paladins.

The first Paladin looks awfully similar to Nacht. Furthermore, Jack believed that it was Nacht himself, and was mad at him for being late.

However, it was then revealed that this Paladin wasn’t Nacht, but his dead twin brother Morgen.

Morgen then attacks Jack with Light Magic and leaves a big hole in his stomach.

His Paladin form has the same horns and wings are Lucifugus, implying that Lucius had given him devil powers.

This was a big shocker to Yami, whose cigarette dropped as his mouth was left open by shock.

The other two Paladins are then revealed to be Morris and Acier. Morris picks a fight with the Vermillions and Acier takes on the Silvas.

Here, the shock on the faces of the Silva family members was apparent and evident.

Next, Lucius starts attacking, and light rays start to break through the cloudy sky as he appears up above.

According to the spoilers, the chapter ends here after dropping major bombs on the characters and the fans alike!