Black Clover Chapter 348 Spoilers: Asta Masters Zetten And Unlocks A New Attack!

Asta masters Zetten and defeats a Paladin with ease

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Black Clover

The spoilers for Black Clover chapter 348 are going viral as Asta unlocks a new attack in a moment of epiphany during an amazing monologue, and sets his sight high for the next few chapters!

Disclaimer: Please take leaks and spoilers with a grain of salt! 

Black Clover Chapter 348 Summary:

Titled “Resolve”, the chapter starts off with Lily being surprised by Asta’s presence in the Land of the Sun.

Asta and Liebe discuss Ichika’s hallucination, as they can see it as well. The two believe that the hallucination is a relative of Ichika.

Yrul the Paladin interrupts, calling humans weak as she continues to shame the Ryuzen. He goes even further and states that all humans fear something, and then, we see an illusion appear in front of Asta.

Surprisingly, Asta’s illusion is Asta, himself. The illusion believes that Asta cannot become the Wizard King.

Yrul is surprised that Asta’s fear is himself too, but he doesn’t mind as he believes that Lucius will bless him for killing Asta.

Asta’s illusion shows his true insecurities like believing that he’s less talented than Yuno. Witnessing this, Asta’s monologue shows him realizing that he still feared being weak.

Next, Asta uses Zetten on the illusion Asta and gets rid of him. Yosuga adds that Asta has found what he was missing before.

After delivering a strong dialogue where he accepts his insecurities and that all he can do is work on them, Yrul tries to finish off Asta in a single attack.

But, Asta cuts him instead. Furthermore, Ichika notes that Yrul’s yoryoku “returned”, to which Yosuga adds that Asta managed to cut off his powers.

Before cutting Yrul, Asta says “I can see it”; meaning Asta has developed the ability to “see” the moment an attack is about to happen.

Yosuga explains that Asta was too worried and didn’t realize that no matter how great someone’s magic is, Anti-magic can cancel it the moment it is cast, especially with Zetten.

The chapter ends with Asta looking at Sister Lily and telling her that he’s coming to save her.

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