Black Clover: Chapter 347 Spoilers Reveal Ichika’s Truth!

Chapter 347 hints at Ichika being guilty of the Yami Clan massacre

Ichika and Yami Sukehiro Black Clover
Black Clover

The spoilers and leaks for Black Clover’s chapter 347 are going viral as Ichika’s past and the Yami clan’s truth are untold! 

Disclaimer: Please take leaks with a grain of salt, as these are spoiler releases.

Chapter 346 Recap:

The previous chapter saw the Ryuzen Seven fight the five-headed Sacred Dragon summoned by the Paladins. With Shogun Ryudo Ryuya’s early warning, all citizens are safe, allowing the Ryuzen Seven to fight without holding back! 

Chapter Name, Paladins’ Special Abilities: 

Black Clover chapter 347 is said to be titled The Truth in Deception. The reason behind the title could be because of the truth behind the Yami clan’s massacre combined with Ichika’s monologue, where she believes that the Ryuzen Seven don’t need Asta’s strength to fend off the Paladins. 

Still, Ichika admits that Lily Aquaria and the other Paladins have huge yoryoku after they used a massive Ice and Spatial magic combination spell! 

After Lily, Yrul attacks using another spell! This time, it was an illusion spell. The spell forces anybody under its influence to face their deepest fears!

Kezokaku saw a giant frog that petrified him! However, this was the lightest fear we’d see in the chapter. With Ichika, things got ugly. 

Ichika’s Dream And Yami Clan’s Truth:

Ichika’s illusion begins with her father being angry due to a lack of war in the Land of the Sun. This illusion was surprising, as Ichika admitted that she was only scared of her father as a child. Yet, the spell worked on her. 

The spell might have triggered the memories hidden in her subconscious. As the illusion grows deeper, we see Ichika’s father offer a secret medicine to Yami, something passed down from generation to generation. 

Apparently, the medicine is capable of drawing out the “demonic potential” of clan members! In the next flash of the memory, her father was forcibly feeding her the medicine as Sukehiro rejected him. 

The last memory in Ichika’s mind was her father saying “as expected of my child, Ichika” and she saw the massacre take place.

This caused Ichika to spiral and wonder if it really was her who massacred her clan, instead of her elder brother, Sukehiro.

Before we could go any deeper into the monologue, the scene shifts to Daizaemon, barely standing as he refuses to give up. 

Lily then chimes in, saying that he should give up as Lucius Zogratis is planning to turn Ryuzen Seven into Paladins as well!

Black Clover chapter 347 ends with Ichika trembling as she’s questioning her strength and everything about herself. She was about to get slashed in her dream by her father, and suddenly, Asta appears out of nowhere to protect Ichika in the same way as her elder brother! The chapter ends with Asta’s entry, setting up the scenario for the next chapter.

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