You Are Not A True Noelle Fan If You Cannot Answer This Noelle Quiz!

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You Are Not True Noelle Fan, If You Cannot Answer This Noelle Quiz!

Are You A True Noelle Fan? This quiz Will Find It Out For You!

1. Noelle's Valkyrie Dress design is similar to which other character's spell?

2. After Merging with Undine, which Valkyrie Dress Noelle used?

3. What is the name of the magical lifeform that was present in Noelle's brooch?

4. Which of the following skills is not part of Noelle's creation magic?

Noelle using water magic

5. How many forms of Noelle's Valkyrie armour have been shown in the series?

6. Which of the following popular fairy tale has inspired Noelle's childhood and her character design?

7. Noelle's Grimoire design was the background for which of the following volume?

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