The Hardest MHA Quiz On The Internet!

My Hero Academia
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The Hardest MHA Quiz On The Internet!

1. Which of these characters were not born quirkless?

mha cast

2. What is Stain’s real name?

stain mha

3. What is Mezo Shoji’s hero name?

shoji tentacole mha

4. Who won the Sports Festival?

ua sports arc mha

5. In the Hero Agency Internship arc, who did Bakugo intern with?

Bakugo mha

6. The American Hero Stars & Stripes appeared in the Two Heroes movie

mha two heroes

7. During All Might’s prime, what was Japan's crime rate?

8. What permanent damage did All Might suffer from in his fight with All for One?

all might skinny mha

9. Who is All for One’s brother?

all for one mha

10. How did Deku get the One For All Quirk?

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