Veteran Bleach Animator Voices Against The New Light Anime Model

It is claimed that light anime will reduce the production cost by 10% of current cost.

BLEACH © 2001 by Tite Kubo/SHUEISHA Inc.

On December 26, Yahoo! Japan released a new article.

The article discussed Imagica Infos and Dai Nippon Printing Co. signing a business agreement to begin full-scale production of light animation.

In response to this, veteran animator Ogawa made a Twitter post talking against light anime. The animator stated:

If you’re going to move things so crudely and forcibly, why don’t you just stop making anime and read regular manga and novels? (Simple question)

What is “light animation”? How will the “animation field” change?

In the comments of the tweet, she also added:

I’m sure that even the original creators would like to have a solid animation, and I don’t think they need this kind of half-bakedness.

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Ogawa has worked on many big anime adaptations, including Bleach, Dragon Ball Z, Attack on Titan, and My Hero Academia.

Light anime is a new method of anime adaptation of manga, where manga panels are cut from the manuscripts. Speech bubbles and other elements are removed and colored.

Then motion is created using 2D techniques, and various visual and sound effects are added with voice actors voicing the dialogs to create the complete anime.

It’s claimed that light anime will be significantly faster and cheaper to produce at around 10% of the current cost, with less than 10 people working on it.

Source: Twitter, Yahoo! Japan, CBR