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Pop Team Epic Creator Draws Fanart of Miyazaki’s Latest Movie, “How Do You Live?”

The movie will hit North American cinemas later this year.

How Do You Live FI
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Hayao Miyake’s latest film, How Do You Live?, is hitting Japanese theatres this Friday.

Until recently, only the poster for the film was released, but this did not stop Pop Team Epic’s creator, Bkub Okawa, from creating the fanart for the film.

In a recent tweet from Okawa, he shared his fanart for the film, where he combined the bird-like creature from the promotion poster of How Do You Live? with the Mario Kart game.

On Friday, GKIDS also announced that they have licensed the movie The Boy and the Hero (Kimi-tachi wa Do Ikiru ka, or How Do You Live?).

The movie will hit North American cinemas later this year.

Oricon also revealed the cast and staff of the movie. You can read the article on that here.

The story takes place during World War II. After Mahito loses his mother during the firebombings of Tokyo, he and his father move to the countryside.

There, Mahito’s father gets remarried to his late mother’s pregnant sister.

As Mahito struggles with his situation, he encounters a talking heron and enters another world based on a promise that he can meet his mother again.

Source: Bkub Okawa’s Twitter