One-Punch Man Issues Warning Against “Unnofficial Information”, Leaker’s Account Gets Suspended

The leaker had more than 125,000 followers on Twitter

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One Punch Man

In a rare incident, the official One-Punch Man Twitter account has issued a warning against people spreading leaks. Earlier this year, the third season of the anime series was announced.

While fans were eagerly waiting for more news, reputed leaker Shonenleaks posted on Twitter that Studio MAPPA will be animating One-Punch Man season 3.

The tweet quickly became viral, leading to many news outlets publishing the leak as fact.

Due to the virality of the leak, the official One-Punch Man Twitter account had to issue a statement:

With strong wordings like “Please don’t be misled by unofficial information from other accounts. Accurate information will be announced from this account when it is time.”, it has become apparent that companies aren’t happy with big rumors.

Such incidents are very rare in the anime industry, especially with an anime as popular as One-Punch Man.

The Twitter user who tweeted the rumor, Shonen Leaks, had their account suspended immediately.

shonen leaks Suspended

Fans should be careful about rumors and take them with a grain of salt, as believing them as official announcements can lead to controversies.

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Source: One-Punch Man Official Twitter