One Punch Man Chapter 201: Blast Enters The Fight Against The Ninja Village!

Blast is here in the nick of time!


Chapter 201 of the One Punch Man manga has been released, and it continues Flashy Flash and Sonic’s fight against the Ninja Village! 

Fans have been eagerly waiting to see the finale of Yusuke Murata’s revamped Ninja Village arc, and they won’t be disappointed. 

Let’s take a look at the chapter. 

One Punch Man Chapter 201 Summary: 

The chapter starts with Flash nearly grabbing the Leader’s hand and accepting God’s power. Fortunately, Speed-O-Sound Sonic managed to punch Flash in the nick of time, preventing contact. 

With Flash back to his consciousness, he starts to analyze the power. He states that the Leader used some sort of a Genjutsu that takes advantage of one’s emotional dependencies, as seen before with the Homeless Man. 

opm gods powers

This is when Flash realizes that he is somewhat emotionally dependent on Flash, which is a bit of a shocker to him. After all, the Ninja Village was completely against such things, and Flash himself stayed away from them in order to avoid having any weaknesses. 

Of course, he won’t admit it, and told Sonic that the leader showed him a nightmare.

The Ninja Leader started talking again, calling the two a duo.

He states that those who are confident in their abilities cannot see anybody as their equal, and that a parting of ways is inevitable for the two as well. 

Flash and Sonic were confused, thinking that the leader was talking about him and Blast, as these two could never see the other to be as good as themselves.

The leader states that he’s talking about them, further claiming that Flash excels in skills while Sonic has the heart. 

Neither of the two agree, believing that they’re better in every way. Tired of listening, Sonic and Flash start speeding up to attack the leader.

However, before they can even attack, the leader states that he is disappointed. 

As they made their first attack, the leader opened a portal and we see the Leader floating in the cosmos.

He then states that parallel worlds branch out from each and every possibility, “infinitely bubbling forth like foam”. 

He further states that he is currently outside the casualty of the universe as we see Flash and Sonic trapped in a bubble.

All the bubbles we see in the chapter are separate dimensions, and, using his special Jutsu, the Leader can intervene from the outside using his Dimension Slash. 

opm dimension slash

Flash takes a cut to his shoulder, dodging in the nick of time. However, we see Flash cut from his chest, his head area missing.

However, the leader jumps towards Flash with the cube, stating that he cannot resist the temptation. 

This means that this is a Jutsu as well, to get Flash to submit to God’s powers.

While Flash resists the leader tries to forcefully create contact and nearly succeeds in it until Blast jumps in and lands a Gravity Knuckle clean!

Blast then explains that he followed Flashy Flash here, although he was lost in the middle and spotted them due to the Dimensional Slash. 

Blast then commends Flash and Sonic for managing to overcome the temptation of the cube, which catches the two by surprise. 

The chapter ends here, building up the fight even more!