Noelle’s New Transformation Has The Community Hyped

Noelle unleashes her new spell, “Valkyrie Dress: Dragon Form” to defeat her Paladin Mother Acier.

BLACK CLOVER © 2015 by Yuki Tabata/SHUEISHA Inc.

On Wednesday, spoilers for Black Clover chapter 359 were released. Fans were expecting the chapter to focus on Mareoleona’s fight, but Tabata wanted to show off the new power he cooked up for Noelle.

According to spoilers, when Palladin Acier defeats Nozel, Nebra and Solid Noelle appear and ask her siblings not to lose hope.

Acier remarks that Noelle looks just like she did when she was younger and offers to start a new life in the new world Lucius will create.

With greater determination, Nolle declares her intention to surpass her mother and defeat her.

The chapter then focuses on Nolle’s flashback, where she does not have Undine with her right now, so she could not use Saint Sage.

Kahono, along with her brother Kiato, took Nolle to a gigantic dragon called the Sea God in the Underwater Temple.

According to the tale, a dragon of the raging sea awakens from its long sleep when the end of the world is imminent.

Following the legend, the Sea God woke up and was in search of an excellent water mage to assimilate him into a spirit form.

Noelle then successfully made the contract with the sea god and assimilated it. Back in the present, Noelle unleashes her new spell, Valkyrie Dress: Dragon Form.

Community’s Reaction To Noelle’s New Transformation

Many fans in the community are appreciating Tabata’s foreshadowing of Noelle’s new contract.

This comes from the fact that Noelle’s attack, Sea Dragon’s Roar, was first used in the Underwater City, where Noelle made a contract with the Sea Dragon.

While some are celebrating, stating that Noelle was able to tame the Sea God, a literal dragon, complementing Noelle’s growth in terms of power and mana control.

Well, along with those above there are those who oppose them with their own arguments.

They state that there was no fight involved in Noelle gaining the spirit. The Sea God himself was looking for a capable mage, and Noelle happened to be one.

Along with all of them, there are some who enjoy the fact that every time the new Valkyrie dress is shown in the series, it comes along with a special character moment.

No matter which part of the conversation you indulge in, we can all agree that Noelle has definitely hyped up the Black Clover fans, and all of us are waiting for the mother-daughter fight to play out.