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New My Hero Academia Chapter Spells Danger For AFO! Bakugo Confident About Winning

AFO is using his last attack in chapter 408 of the manga

My Hero Academia

The leaks for chapter 408 of the My Hero Academia manga are here, and it brings a lot of insight into AFO’s life and current situation.

During the last section of the chapter, AFO is seen thinking hard about his next move.

This is because, after his battle with All Might, he has aged considerably.

all might armored mha

Aging any further can deeply risk his plans as he has to deal with Shigaraki after killing Bakugo as well.

It has become clear that if Bakugo manages to force AFO into a corner, the win is theirs, as Shigaraki can struggle and survive until AFO becomes a baby.

This fear in his mind is also generated by the fact that Bakugo has the same eyes as Kudou from the flashback we see earlier in the chapter.

In fact, the determination in Bakugo’s eyes was so similar that AFO backtracked in his mind to check if he had killed all of Kudou’s relatives!

With this, AFO decides that he must make his final stand, putting everything on the line.

AFO then uses “Realease Every Quirk Factor: All for One Goal”, a move that will allow AFO to use all of his quirks.

Edgeshot realizes that AFO is planning to use all of his quirks to send himself flying at an insane speed. Here, All Might also adds that if this fails, then AFO will turn back into a baby, meaning this is all that he’s got!

At the end of the chapter, Bakugo laughs and states that there’s no way that this will stop him. While it is going to be a tough battle, it’s essentially clear that All for One can’t win this fight.

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