My Hero Academia Season 7 Is Already In Production!

In the latest magazine issue, statements expressing gratitude to fans for their ongoing support of season 6 of My Hero Academia have been published.

My Hero Academia

With Season 6 of My Hero Academia around the corner, leaks of information from Weekly Shonen Jump #17 about the series’ future have been trending on social media platforms!

It has been confirmed that My Hero Academia season 7 is in production!

In the latest magazine issue, statements expressing gratitude to fans for their ongoing support of season 6 of My Hero Academia have been published.

The comments were made by Daiki Yamashita, the voice actor for Deku, and Nobuhiko Okamoto, the voice actor for Bakugo. They also encouraged fans to anticipate the upcoming 7th season.

MHA season 7 reveal

Here are the rough translations of the comments on the page:

Daiki Yamashita:

In the 6th season, I tried to know what was going to happen when I read the scripts for each episode, but there were so many things that happened that made me feel a lot of emotions.

In that context, it was a story that recaptured the meaning of the title “My Hero Academia”. I really felt the friendship and growth of Deku and the other members of Class 1A, which gave me more strength.

I would like you to look forward to seeing the boys, girls, and adults who have grown through the 6 seasons and progressed further in the 7th season. We will continue to perform with PLUS ULTRA energy, so please continue to support “My Hero Academia”.

Nobuhiko Okamoto:

First of all, thank you very much for watching the 6th season. For those of you who have been watching “My Hero Academia” up until now, I’m sure there have been a lot of surprises.

The key scenes for Bakugou were when he sacrificed himself to save Deku in episode 122 (Bakugou Katsuki: Rising), and when he apologized to Deku in episode 136 (Deku vs Class 1A).

The only difference was that in episode 122, his body moved without thinking. On the other hand, in episode 136, he spoke out of his own free will.

As for myself, I think I was able to express my apology while acknowledging Deku. In the last episode, there was a new character and a direction that led to the next season.

Deku who had been moving toward the dark side, came back to the light. In a sense, this is a fresh start. Please look forward to the 7th season.

The sixth season is currently airing and started on Oct 1, 2022, by Bones Studio. The season will have 25 episodes. The season has so far adapted the “Paranormal Liberation War” arc of the manga.

Season one of the anime started airing in April 2016 with 13 episodes followed by the second season in April 2017 with 25 episodes.

The third, fourth, and fifth season aired in April 2018, October 2019, and March 2021 respectively with every season running for 25 episodes.

The Franchise also received two 2-episode original video anime in August 2020 and June 2022.

The author of My Hero Academia is Kohei Horikoshi and the manga started its serialization at Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in July 2014.

Source: Twitter