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Hajime No Ippo Creator Speaks Against Anime Studios Tweaking The Original Plot

Morikawa highlights that the purpose of the laws is to protect the proprietary rights and authority of the original writers.

hajime no ippo
Hajime No Ippo

On February 7, the author of popular manga Hajime No Ippo, George Morikawa, reaffirmed his unwavering support for the rights of people who created their original creative works via a Twitter post.

In the post, he expresses that it is important to preserve the author’s creative vision, and they will always believe that they will always have a final say in it.

He also highlights that the purpose of the laws is to protect the proprietary rights and authority of the original writers in their work.

Morikawa states that although readers, editors, and adaptors could shed light on previously published materials, only the original creator knows the future of the story.

For this reason, they should have complete control over their work.

He further states that the original artists might be given the freedom to exercise their legal rights to the unrestricted maintenance of their intellectual properties.

Morikawa, however, also indirectly targeted anime studios for changing or adding their interpretation to the manga creator’s work.

The translation of the above tweet goes as follows:

“The reason is absolute because the original author is absolute. Just as before, this message is also for aspiring manga artists. Despite facing backlash, authors have continuously asserted their absolute authority. The rights of primary creators, including manga artists, novelists, and screenwriters, are protected by law. And what’s crucial is that only the original author knows the future. That’s why it’s absolute.

Everything that editors and adaptors, including readers, see, is already in the past. Only the original author knows what the future holds. This is even more true if the series is still ongoing and unfinished. Any alteration, intervention, or adaptation of the past will erode the present and affect the future. That is why it is important to discuss and give your opinion. What is needed is respect, gratitude, and courage, not an overbearing attitude. The future that the work and its readers look forward to should not be ruined or lost because of the bending of others who only know the past. Only the author can protect the work’s future.”

In the comment following the original post, Morikawa states that discussing before making changes will lead to a better future for the series.

He continues by stating that the choice regarding their work lies in the hands of mangakas. They should decide what the better future is for their story. And they can even refuse media adaptation if they feel that is the correct choice.

He then ends by stating that these are his personal opinions.

Translation of the above goes as follows:

“Sometimes, discussions can lead to a better future, and the choice, such as refusing media adaptation, belongs to the original author. This is also absolute.

I may have come across as assertive and arrogant, but the content I’ve written is my personal opinion, and I don’t think I’m always right. When you encounter trouble, I hope you’ll remember that there have been people who have said and done similar things.

I wrote that the only one who can protect you is the original author, but no matter how strong your grip on the rights is, it’s still a little scary. Don’t make me fight alone.”

Source: George Morikawa on Twitter