Dr. Stone New World Part 2 To Release On Oct 12, Unveils 2nd Trailer

Additionally, the opening and ending theme song titles and artist names were revealed. 

© 米スタジオ・Boichi/集英社・Dr.STONE製作委員会

The official website of Dr. Stone anime announced on August 26, 2023 that Dr. Stone New World Part 2 begins broadcasting on October 12.

It was revealed through the 2nd trailer, which the staff members released on the very same day.

Additionally, the opening and ending theme song titles and artist names were revealed.

Opening theme: “Haruka” by Ryujin Kiyoshi

Ryujin Kiyoshi’s comments on his song are as follows:

“I’m Sei Ryujin, and I’ve been chosen to do the OP theme.
I naturally came up with a large scale melody in response to the grandiose characters. I spun the lyrics in such a way as to support everyone’s back with a big palm. I hope you will enjoy it.”

Ending theme: “Suki ni Shina yo” by Anly

Anly’s comments on her song are as follows:

“It is an honour to be part of a song that is part of my favourite anime.
Chisora and his friends used the power of science to open up and move forward from zero, to boarding a ship and venturing out into an even bigger world. Thank you so much for this opportunity.” 

The anime made its debut in Japan on April 6 and will continue for two cours, which are divided into separate broadcast seasons. It is made by Studio TMS Entertainment.

In March 2017, Boichi and Riichirou Inagaki introduced the 26-volume manga series in Weekly Shonen Jump, concluding it in March 2022.

Crunchyroll describes the story of the third season as:

“With the Stone Wars over, the former members of Tsukasa’s Empire of Might join forces with the Kingdom of Science to build a ship capable of sailing across open ocean to seek answers on the mystery of the global petrification.

However, before they can begin their voyage Senku and his friends need to find some key resources and push some new scientific advancements to build the type of vessel they need.”

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