Did Oda Fall Off? One Piece Fans Enraged Over Bonney’s Devil Fruit Powers!

Spoilers reveal Bonney using her devil fruit to replicate Luffy’s Gear 5 mode!

ONE PIECE © 1997 by Eiichiro Oda/SHUEISHA Inc.

The spoilers for the upcoming One Piece chapter 1118 arrived yesterday and have successfully divided the fans.

In the latest chapter, we learn that Luffy, along with Droogy and Broogy, have reached the Elbaf ship.

When Mars attacks the Elbaf ship, Luffy emerges from the ship in his Gear 5 mode!

He then encourages Bonney to join, saying he knows Bonney can do it too.

After this, Bonney uses her devil fruit power, Distorted Future, to turn herself into Nika, aka, Gear 5 mode.

This has some fans enraged, stating that Bonney turning into Nika makes no sense and has ruined their day.

shit chapter 3

shit chapter 2

shit chapter 1

shit chapter

Meanwhile, some fans state that this was a peak chapter, and Bonney being able to mimic Gear 5 was foreshadowed.

peak chapter 4 peak chapter 3 peak chapter 2' peak chapter 1 peak chapter

What do you think? Was this an epic chapter, or has One Piece fallen off?

Source: Twitter