Boruto Manga Reveals The State Of Sasuke, Fans Shocked And Disappointed

Sasuke trends on Twitter due to the plot twist

boruto sasuke dead
Boruto: Two Blue Vortex

The spoilers for chapter 4 of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex were revealed today, and the biggest shocker for the fans was the state of Sasuke post-time-skip!

Toward the end of the chapter, we see Boruto fighting off against 4 beings created from the Ten-Tails, and one of them looks eerily similar to Sasuke.

Furthermore, it even used Lightning release, making fans even more skeptical about the familiarity of this character.

Then, on the final page of the manga, it is revealed that Sasuke is stuck on a tree, while Boruto is sitting under the tree, promising his uncle that he’ll be freed soon.

This has created a storm in the Boruto community, with Sasuke trending on Twitter!