Black Clover Author Yuki Tabata Gets Candid On Black Clover Movie

During the Q&A session, Tabata answered 13 questions

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Black Clover

Recently, Black Clover author Yuki Tabata recently did an interview, where he opened up about the recent Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King movie.

During the Q&A session, Tabata answered 13 questions:

Q1: How did you feel when you started to make the movie?

A: Obviously, very happy! I felt grateful that another one of my dreams had come true..

Q2: “Did you make any requests about the film’s content?”

A: “At first, there was a proposal to set the film in the Land of Sun, Yami’s home but we decided to show that in the original, and decided on the most flamboyant and attractive idea for an ‘anime film’.”

Q3: “Please tell us how this story came about!”

A: “I got the script for the film from the scriptwriters. From there, I listened to opinions from the crew. The “Wizard King” that Asta aspires to become felt like a natural pick. A story that goes back to it’s roots..”

Q4: Was it decided from the start that there’d be Successive Wizard Kings?

A: “There was a proposal to add all Wizard Kings before Julius. We then realized it would be WAY too many, and settled on 4. Having more than 1 would make Asta’s battles much more difficult.”

Q5: Many WK’s appear in this film. What does that title mean to you, Mr. Tabata?

A: “STRONGEST” of its time! In that time and age they embody what is needed, for better or for worse. Good or bad, maybe even crazy.. I’ve got lots of thoughts about it now.

Q6: “What did you have in mind when you drew the teaser visual?”

A: I drew the image of “Asta will stand up, and crawl his way back up” in mind. This is one of the main concepts in the film and a major theme that is also important in the main Black Clover story..

Q7: “We know that Jester’s original name was scrapped. Can you tell us why you did it?”

A: When I was given a draft of Jester, his name was Aegis. I asked him to change, because I thought I could use it as the name of a magic in the original story in the future..

The next question comes from Black Clover volume 23.5

Q8: “We heard that Conrad’s magic wasn’t initially ‘Key Magic’. Can you tell us how the change was made?”

A: “The base idea was ‘Door Magic’. However as we thought about the setting, we thought it would look better if the magic itself could be opened and closed with a ‘key’, so we decided on ‘key magic’. The fact that the door direction is still there is a remnant of the early days.”

Q9: “The early Princia and current Princia have quite different personalities. What were the initial ideas?”

A: Initially, she was a younger, more kawaii character. However becoming the WK is someone who is recognized by everyone, so she became the dignified Princia.

Princia’s magic is written as “army”, but read as “legion”. But I thought it would be cool to give a Special Magic Name to a Special person who will one day become the Wizard King, so I adopted it.

Q10: “Has Edward also changed any of his settings since the beginning?

A: “The end-result was always meant to be ‘evil old man’, but I thought it would not be good to make him look too old, so I had it corrected.”

The initial Magic idea was “Absolute” Zero Magic. The scriptwriter came up with a very aggressive idea, and I enjoyed reading it.

Q11: “Tabata-sensei, what does Black Clover mean to you?”

A: This franchise is my dream, and everyone who participates in reading it is apart of that dream.

Q12: “And finally (there’s still one more question), is there something that’s been been pushing you to your limits lately?”


Q13: “And to the people who’ve watched the movie.. Any words?”

A: “Of course, thank you for watching. I mean it. And while you’re at it, if you enjoyed the movie, please give a hearty round of applause to everyone who made this film possible, except me!”

Yuki Tabata provided some great insights into the making of the movie, his mindset, and more!