Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 4 Trailer Is Officially Released!

It is scheduled to release in Fall 2023.

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©諫山創・講談社/「進撃の巨人」The Final Season製作委員会

The Official YouTube Channel of Anime PONY CANYON revealed the much awaited trailer of Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 4 on July 3, 2023!

The new PV features Armin looking back on his childhood memories of himself, Mikasa and Eren, and Mikasa’s “Itterasshai Eren” line, which was also featured in the key visual, is symbolic!

Check out the trailer right here!

Previously, the staff of the anime released a key visual, featuring a house close to Eren and Mikasa while an unbelievable battle takes place in the shadows! Part 4 is scheduled to release in Fall 2023.

Attack on Titan Part 3 Final Arc’s first half aired on March 3 as a one-hour special.

Also, An official 25-minute digest video on the official Pony Canyon YouTube channel was posted on February 18, as well.

Alt-metal band SiM is returning to perform the opening theme, titled “UNDER THE TREE”. They previously performed Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2’s opening theme, titled “The Rumbling”.

Plot Summary of Attack On Titan:

Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by giants.

The story is about a young boy Eren who lives in a world where most of humanity lives behind huge walls to protect themselves from the Titans.

Titans are huge(sometimes multi-stories high) humanoid creatures who eat humans.

One day  Eren’s world topples upside down when after centuries a titan comes and breaks the wall causing other titans to food the city.

Eren after watching his mother being eaten by a titan swears to kill all the titans.

Source: AoT Official site