Attack On Titan Author And Eren’s Voice Actor Collaborate For A One-Shot Manga

Yuki Kaji came up with the idea and proposed it to Isayama, who is the manga’s storywriter, while the illustrator will be chosen via a contest.


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of his voice acting debut, Eren Yeager’s voice actor Yuki Kaji agrees to work with Attack on Titan manga author Hajime Isayama for a one-shot manga spinoff of “Soyogi Fractal,”  the theme of which is inspired by Kaji’s singing avatar, Soyogi Soyogi.

(Yuki Kaji and his avatar Soyogi Soyogi)


(Soyogi Soyogi illustration by Hajime Isayama)

Yuki Kaji came up with the idea for this project and proposed it to Isayama to get him involved. Isayama is confirmed to be the manga’s storywriter while the illustrator is still yet to be announced (Yes. Isayama is NOT going to draw the panels for this manga). The series will debut in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine and Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine in summer 2024.

Here’s a preview storyboard for Soyogi Fractal:

Isayama comments on how fun it’ll be to draw so many complicated scenarios and shove them to someone else to encapsulate them in manga form, while Yuki Kaji is excited to have Isayama onboard!

<Hajime Isayama comments>

“I am participating in this project by accepting Kaji-san’s invitation. It’s been about 10 years since I drew a manga other than Attack on Titan, and I’ve realized how difficult it is to draw manga. However, since I’m not the one who actually does the drawings, it’s great to be able to draw as many complicated story compositions as I want and leave it to someone else.”

<Yuki Kaji comments>

‘This is an opportunity! Don’t miss out on this ministry, folks, let’s change history together.”

“Soyogi Fractal is a project that I have dedicated my life for. And the person to whom I can entrust this memorable first original work is none other than him! I asked Hajime Isayama, whom I adore, to take charge of this memorable first original work. I am sincerely grateful to Isayama-sensei for his willingness to agree.”

The project is running a contest to see who will become Soyogi Fractal manga’s illustrator! The contest will run from April 3 to 30. There are no qualifications mentioned to enter the contest and the final judge will be Hajime Isayama and Yuki Kaji.

The participants will be required to make their own:

  • Completed manuscript of pages 2-5 of the first 5 pages of “Soyogi Fractal” published above
  • The currently published name has a total of 5 pages, but only 4 pages (pages 2 to 5) are required as a completed manuscript. There is no need for the first page to be the final manuscript.
  • Other items that will appeal to the selection (past works, color illustrations, etc.)
    However, submissions of works that have been commercially published in the past are not allowed.
    (Works posted on other novel posting sites, apps, homepages, or published in doujinshi etc. are eligible to apply.)

Interested candidates upload the above assignment to ILLUST DAYS with the tag Recruiting Soyogi Fractal Drawings. The results will be announced on the ILLUST Days website around mid-May. 

The winner of the contest will have the right to draw the special one-shot manga “Soyogi Fractal” while the other participants may also be contacted by Kodansha regarding job opportunities.

About Soyogi Fractal:

This character project revolves around the voice synthesis software Bon Soyogi (Soyogi Soyogi), which is based on the voice of Yuki Kaji. The project was conceived by Yuki Kaji himself, with the idea of “creating a place where people who want to create interesting things, regardless of whether they are professionals or amateurs, can create what they want with like-minded friends, without any ties”.

The project was born out of a wish for an ideal form for a creative unit, like the shape of a geometric pattern (=fractal), where “creators with the same ideals get together and create works, which, when looked at from a bird’s eye view, should weave together a completely new form never seen before”.