Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Nami!

Nami had already foreshadowed Robin’s introduction.

nami fi
ONE PIECE © 1997 by Eiichiro Oda/SHUEISHA Inc.

Nami is one of the most popular and respected characters in One Piece.

With her focus on creating a complete world atlas and amazing navigation skills, she is the perfect navigator Luffy could ask for.

If you are a fan of Nami and want to know more about her, you have come to the correct article.

In this article, we will tell you 10 things only the most loyal fans of Nami know about!

So let’s dive into it.

10. Nami’s Devil Fruit

In an SBS, Oda mentioned that if Nami had a devil fruit, it would be Goro Goro no Mi. The same devil fruit as Enel’s.

Nami thunder

It also makes sense, as she is always associated with lighting power, and now, with Zeus under her control, she already has similar power.

9. Nami’s Cosplay

During Jump Fest 2002, held in December 2001, model and actress Chiaki Inaba cosplayed Nami.


Oda sensei got so captivated by her charm that he tried his luck. Thus, they started dating and later, on November 7, 2004, tied the knot.

8. Nami Invited Chopper

We know how active Luffy is in inviting other characters into his crew, and it’s always Luffy inviting others into the crew. However, something different transpired on Drum Island.

nami and chopper

Before Luffy met our reindeer friend, Nami had already invited Chopper to join the crew.

Nami has always shown a special love for children, and this might be why Chopper instantly won her over.

7. Nami’s Place Of Origin

In an SBS, Oda mentioned that if one piece was based in the real world, Nami would be from Sweden.


Although Oda didn’t give any reason for her being Swedish, it’s still a cool detail to know.

6. Nami’s Job

Have you ever wondered what job Nami would have if she were not a pirate?

What most of you have guessed might be close, as she would have been a childcare worker.


This comes as no surprise given how much she loves children and hates people like Caesar who experiment on them.

5. Nami Foreshadowed Robin

While Nami was in Loguetown, she tried on several outfits. Out of these, two of them were very special.

nami in loguetwon

One of these two was exactly the clothing that Nico Robin was later introduced to in the Alabasta Arc.

The other one looked a lot like the prototype outfit for Boa Hancock’s.

4. Future Nami

In an SBS, Oda showed us two versions of Nami, each at age 40 and 60, for different timelines.

Nami future

Nami In the first timeline, she lives without any major problems

At age 40: come back again once you become an adult.

At age 60: Me? I passed 40 a long time ago…Fufufu

Nami In the second timeline: Something happens

At age 40: Hand over the money I tell you!!!

At age 60: Won’t you buy my magic pot?

3. Nami’s Initial Character Design

Before Franky, Nami’s earlier design showed that she would have become a cyborg. The design included her having a prosthetic left arm and wielding a giant axe.

nami cyborg

Although Nami would have been badass with this design, we still love our uber-cool navigator.

2. Nami’s Birthday

Nami’s birthday is the 3rd of July, which in US format is written as 7/3. In Japanese, her birthday is written as Na = 7 and Mi = 3.


One time Oda also mentioned that Nami’s phone number is 7373-73737, which is just Nami again and again.

1. Nami And The Straw Hat

Nami is one of the only two members of the Strawhat crew with whom Luffy has trusted his precious hat.

nami straw hat

During Arlong Park, after Nami had asked Luffy for help, Luffy entrusted his straw hat to her as he went to defeat Arlong.

The only other person to whom Luffy entrusted his hat was Usopp during the Davy Back Fight.