Top 10 Devil Fruit Awakenings In One Piece!

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In the world of One Piece, only a select few can have Haki, but Devil Fruit is different. Devil fruit is a much more feasible option.

Among those who get their hands on them, only a few are capable of unleashing the true power of devil fruits.

When achieved, they are called Devil Fruit Awakenings.

In this article, we will rank our top 10 Devil Fruit awakenings. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

10. Jailer Beasts of Impel Down

In chapter 544, during the Impel Down arc, we saw the devil fruit awakening for the very first time. The Jailer Beasts were shown to have Zoan powers.


After awakening, they gained an extremely high recovery rate and increased strength and speed. They also received massive bumps in their durability and other physical aspects.

Unfortunately, in these awakened forms, the innate nature of the Zoan fruits consumed their personalities, turning them into simple-minded man-beasts.

9. Gild Tesoro’s Goru Goru no Mi

In One Piece Film: Gold, the main antagonist of the movie, Gild Tesoro, held the power of Goru Goru no Mi. This gave him the ability to create and manipulate gold at his will.

Gild Tereso

During the course of the film, Gild awakens his devil fruit, which completely changes the way he uses his abilities.

He could now control all the gold present on his ship, Gran Tesoro, and use it as a sensory network.

He was able to detect and know everything that happened on his ship. Essentially, he became Enel, and his ship was like his Sky Island but with gold.

8. Kaku’s Ushi Ushi no Mi, Mode: Giraffe

Kaku is a Cipher Pol agent who was introduced in chapter 345 and episode 243 of the series during the Water 7 arc.


During the Enies Lobby arc, he ate Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Giraffe, which allowed him to transform into a giraffe.

Even though he still had not gotten used to his devil fruit, he was still able to hold his own against Roronoa Zoro.

He was reintroduced in chapter 1066, and in chapter 1072, he revealed his devil fruit awakening against his rematch with Zoro.

With his awakening, he gained the same increase in strength, endurance, speed, and recovery rate as any other Zoan awakening.

Unlike the other Zoan transformations, he still retained his personality and conscience.

Kaku’s giraffe neck also gets longer in his awakening, and a dark flame forms a mane down his back, arms, neck, and chin.

His overall power has increased so much that in just two years, he was promoted from CP9 to CP0.

However, we have not put him any higher due to how little we currently know about his devil fruit awakening.

7. Katakuri’s Mochi Mochi no Mi

The second son of Big Mom, former Emperor of the Sea, is the wielder of Paramecia-type Mochi Mochi no Mi, which enables him to create, control, and turn himself into Mochi as well.


His attack pattern and move set resembled a lot like Luffy’s, which gave Luffy a lot of trouble.

After awakening his devil fruit, similar to other paramecia, he was able to share his devil fruit attribute with his environment.

Katakrui was able to turn the entire Mirror World into Mochi, trapping Luffy to the ground. His strongest attack after awakening is called Mochi Ginchaku.

In this, he creates numerous Muso Donuts with giant arms that are coated with his Armament Haki.

This allows Katakuri to attack his enemies from all directions at once. Even after getting hit by it, Luffy didn’t fall.

6. Doflamingo’s Ito Ito no Mi

The main antagonist of Dressrosa Arc, Donquixote Doflamingo, ate one of the most overpowered devil fruits, Ito Ito no Mi.


To know why I am calling it one of the most overpowered, check out our article on Ito Ito no Mi.

Upon awakening in his devil fruit in chapter 785, similar to Katakuri, he was also able to share his devil fruit attributes with the nearby environment.

This was the first time we had seen a Paramecia devil fruit awakening, and even Luffy was amazed by it.

Ito Ito no Mi’s awakening allowed Doflamingo to go toe to toe against Luffy’s Gear 4.

To learn more, you can read our article on Doflammingo’s Devil Fruit Awakening.

5. Rob Lucci’s Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Leopard

Similar to Kaku, Rob Lucci is also an agent of Cipher Pol and also got promoted from CP9 to CP0.

Rob Lucci

In chapter 1069, we see Lucci transform into his awakened form the instant he sees Luffy. In response, Luffy also donned his Gear 5.

Although much was revealed about his awakened ability, Lucci was able to fight Luffy in Gear 5, which is a testament to how strong Lucci’s awakening is.

Upon awakening, the user’s human-beast form physically transforms, and his size increases. His body becomes slimmer, and a dark flame forms a mane down his back and arms.

He also gains a floating fire that wraps around the user’s shoulder, kind of similar to Luffy’s white smoke in Gear 5.

Similar to Kaku, he also retained his personality and conscience, unlike other Zoan awakenings.

4. Douglas Bullet’s Gasha Gasha no Mi

Introduced in One Piece: Stampede, Douglas Bullet was the main antagonist of the movie. He ate Gasha Gasha no Mi, which is a paramecia-type devil fruit.

Douglass Bullet

It allowed Douglas to disassemble objects and reassemble them into any configuration he wanted.

Douglas was a former member of the Roger Pirates and was as strong as Reyliegh.

During the movie, Sengoku and Garp had to make a Buster Call just for Douglas Bullet.

After awakening his devil fruit, he was able to disassemble objects from a far larger range.

He could essentially restructure the landscape of entire islands by assembling them as he saw fit.

3. Eustass Kid’s Jiki Jiki no Mi

One of the Supernovas, a member of the Worst Generation, Eustass Captain Kid, was in possession of Jiki Jiki no Mi.


This allowed him to create magnetic forces and use them to control metal. Eustass Kid was able to increase his power by attracting metals near him and making huge metal limbs.

After awakening, Eustass Kid became capable of turning other objects, including non-metals and living beings, into magnets by assigning them a specific polarity.

His strongest attack after his Devil Fruit’s awakening is called Punk Clash, which he used against Big Mom.

Using the new ability gained, Eustass Kid increased Big Mom’s level of attraction to a point where all the metal in her surroundings was attracted to her and ended up crushing her under immense weight.

2. Trafalgar Law’s Ope Ope no Mi

Trafalgar Law possessed one of the most powerful Paramecia-type devil fruits, called the Ope Ope no Mi.

Trafalgar law

This allows him to create a spherical forcefield in which he can freely alter the orientation, movement, and even anatomy of any and all things according to his will.

The awakening of his devil fruit ability allowed him to use a special forcefield he called Kroom.

Unlike his normal forcefield, Kroom does not expand itself; instead, Law coats it onto objects.

This grants the object similar properties to those of a regular forcefield and lets only Law perform the operation through the coated object.

Puncture Wille is Law’s strongest awakening attack, where he coats his blade, Kikoku, with Kroom. He then positions himself on top of his target and pierces them with Kikoku, pinning their bodies down on the floor.

The sword then continuously extends downward until it reaches a certain length. During this extension, the sword phases through whatever comes in its way.

The execution is complete, and Law releases a powerful shockwave that explodes everything pierced by the blade.

Law first used this attack against Big Mom, which created a massive crater near the Flower Capital and injured her to an extreme degree.

1. Luffy’s Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika

The strongest Devil Fruit awakening in the series by far is Luffy’s Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika.


This is the real name of Luffy’s devil fruit, not Gomu Gomu no Mi.

It holds a legendary status in the world of One Piece, and even the World Government has been behind this fruit.

After awakening his devil fruit also knows as Gear 5, Luffy’s heartbeats make the sound of drums, which Zunesha referred to as the Drums of Liberation.

The awakening acts like Zoan, where it increased his strength, durability, speed, and recovery rate. Meanwhile, at the same time, it acts like Paramecia, where Luffy was able to instill fruit rubber-like properties in the environment.

His strongest attack is called Bajrang Gun, in which Luffy grows his fist to nearly as big as Onigashima and coats it with armament Haki, Conqueror’s Haki, and is also affected by Ryo.

Then he simply punches them. This attack was so strong that it overwhelmed Kaido and crashed him through Wano Mainland down so far that he landed in the Magma chamber.

These are the top 10 Devil Fruit Awakenings so far in the series.