One Piece: Doflamingo’s Devil Fruit Awakening Explained

When a Paramecia-type devil fruit awakens, it increases its user’s strength in a completely new way.

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In the world of One Piece, Devil Fruits are one of the most sought-after due to the magical powers they offer.

This makes them very important for Pirates and Marines alike, but only a select few can tap into the real power of their devil fruit.

This is referred to as the Awakening of Devil Fruits, and the abilities gained differ depending on the type of devil fruit a user has.

Doflamingo was the first character to show what the awakening of a Paramecia fruit is like. So in this article, we will discuss the awakening of his devil fruit, Ito Ito no Mi, aka String-String Fruit.

How Does A Devil Fruits Awaken?

Before we understand the awakening of Ito Ito no Mi, we should understand exactly what devil fruit awakening is.

In chapter 1046, Kaido mentions that a devil fruit awakening happens when the body and mind of its user catch up to their own powers.

The awakening provides more refined control and new abilities that would not have been possible before.

Now let’s understand the awakening of Ito Ito no Mi.

Ito Ito no Mi Awakening

Ito Ito no Mi is gourd-shaped and has a pale lilac color with a typical devil fruit swirly pattern. It also features a fuchsia stem on its top.

It is a paramecia-type devil fruit that grants the user the power to control strings.


Ito Ito no Mi allows the user to control strings. These strings are wafer-thin, razor-sharp, and can attach to seemingly anything—literally anything.

Furthermore, the strings are extremely strong, as we see the warlord cutting Isso’s meteorite into pieces. Forget about them breaking; the flaming meteorite could not even burn these strings.

Moving on to the awakening of Ito Ito no Mi.

When a Paramecia-type devil fruit awakens, it increases its user’s strength in a completely new way.

It allows its user to spread their power beyond their own body. They are able to alter the properties of the materials around them.

In chapter 785, after witnessing Doflamingo’s awakening, Luffy remarks that such a feat makes it no longer appears to be the power of mere paramecia.

A devil fruit awakening also comes with a completely new set of moves, and let’s discuss them:

Break White: By creating two large and thick sheets of strings, Doflamingo wraps them around his opponents and crushes them.

In episode 721, the anime also showed it to have some sort of conscience, as after Luffy dodged the attack the first time, it continued to attack him.

Off White: By creating two huge masses of strings from the ground near him, Doflamingo swipes them at the opponent.


He first used this against Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Double Culverin in chapter 785.

Billow White: Utilizing the Paramecia devil fruit’s powers, Dofflamingo converts several buildings into towering masses of strings and sends them towards his opponent.

Ever White: With a simple touch of his hand on the ground, Doflamingo turns a wide area around him into threads and launches at the opponent.

The kanji reading for this movie is Unabara Shiranami, where Shiranami means white wave.

Flap Thread: By condensing the vast amount of strings from Ever White, Doflamingo forms countless points or needles and infuses them with Armament Haki.

These needles then take the form of wings before flying towards the opponent.

God Thread: Doflamingo summons 16 thick, sharp needle-like strings, coats them in Armament Haki, and sends them flying at the opponent.

God Threads

He called these strings Sixteen Holy Assassin’s Bullets. This may possibly be a tribute to his childhood when he was tortured. During that time, one man cried out that the Celestial Dragons had shot his son 16 times.

In chapter 790, Doflamingo first uses this technique against Luffy’s King Kong Gun in their final fight. And Luffy’s King Kong Gun breaks through all of them.

In One Piece: Burning Blood, God Thread is Doflamingo’s ultimate attack, and after God Thread skewers the opponent, the threads explode outward.