Top 10 Badass Asta Moments Ranked!

Black Clover

Throughout the Black Clover series, multiple characters have displayed just how badass they can be several times. Out of all of them, Asta, our protagonist, has some of the coolest, most badass moments under his belt!

Today, we’re going to take a look at Asta’s most badass moments in all of Black Clover’s anime and manga! 

10) Asta Saves Yuno And Others From Mars:

In the beginning, all of us knew that Asta is the underdog and that eventually, he’ll become strong. However, we didn’t know that he would become strong this quickly! In chapter 16 of the manga, Yuno was about to be killed by Mars when Asta suddenly showed up!

Asta saves Yuno from mars

Mars’ sword, which was seemingly unbreakable, was cut into two in an instant by Asta! Over the course of two fights in the dungeon, Asta finally defeated Mars! This was a great tone-setter for the story, and highlighted Asta’s potential perfectly! 

9) Asta Stands Up For Noelle: 

Every now and then, Asta has to come face to face with Nobles who hate him for no reason. To Asta, this isn’t a problem, he’s used to it. However, the Silva family took it too far by berating Noelle.

Asta stands up for noelle

I mean, they poured a beverage on her, called her a failure, and tried to force her to leave! They’re definitely not family in my opinion. At this point, Asta snapped and started yelling at the Silva family and the other Nobles. 

Asta then proclaimed that he’ll become the Wizard King, and earned the respect of the Vermillion family that day! 

8) Black Asta: 

When Asta was fighting against the Elves and the Devil, his usual power just wasn’t enough. As he started to lose footing, the Witch Queen helped Asta to tap into the true potential of his Anti Magic. 

Asta Black

Black Asta was a REALLY BIG moment, both in the manga and the anime. While he one-shotted Ladros in the manga, the anime really showed us how capable of a fighter Asta could be with this newly awakened power. 

However, unlike other characters’ demonic power-ups that we see in Shonen, Asta didn’t let this cloud his judgment.

7) Asta, Luck, And Magna Stop Langris From Killing Finral:

Sure, this isn’t just an Asta moment, but he was just as epic and badass as everyone else who jumped into action to save their comrade.

Asta Magna and Luck save Finral

It was even more meaningful that he jumped in since he didn’t know Finral too well. Yet, he acted with the same lack of hesitance and a strong desire to protect his comrades. To top it all off, he had no magic, unlike Luck and Magna. This is a brave thing to do against someone as ridiculously powerful as Langris.

6) Asta Saves Marie In The Magic Parliament: 

Asta has had a lot of haters in the past, but the manga has given us so many opportunities to cheer for him. 

There was one time that made us cheer yet worry at the same time because he put himself in danger and could have jeopardized his life. 

Asta saves Marie

The scene where he saved Marie at the Magic Parliament is a powerful one, and also very revealing of multiple characters. Damnatio is either very cruel and borderline evil or so smart that he could see Asta’s main character-ness and knew he would step in and save her. 

Either way, attempting to kill a little girl because it’d be easier than figuring out what really happened is a terrible thing to do. And, Asta knew this, so of course, he wasn’t about to just let that happen. 

He didn’t even seem to care that he could have been sentenced to death for showing his demonic abilities if it meant Marie would live.

5) Asta Invades The Spade Kingdom: 

The episode where Asta infiltrates and completely invades the Spade Kingdom was insane! Walking into the grand magic zone was one of the most exciting scenes in all of Black Clover, and was the perfect way to start the time skip. 

Asta invades Spade Kingdom

It showed us everything Asta was now capable of thanks to his 6 months of training in the Heart Kingdom. How he could fly on his Demon Slayer Sword, shoot Anti Magic with the Demon Dweller, and absorb poisons with his Demon Destroyer sword! 

More than anything, though, it did it in such an effortless way, where the episode just got straight into it, and without hesitation, Asta was blowing our minds with every new trick he pulled out of his arsenal.

4) Asta And Yuno Save Hage Village: 

During the elf reincarnation arc, Asya and Yuno muster up the energy to come to the aid of their home Hage Village, who end up attacked by elves. They were already involved in a grueling fight before, but they didn’t care less. 

Asta and Yuno save Hage Village

Meanwhile, in the village, Father Orsi gets poisoned, while Nash and Lily almost get murdered by elf magic, when suddenly BOOM!!! The two of them show up and deflect the attack, taking on the threat themselves! This is also where Asta first used the Demon Destroyer Sword when he healed Father Orsi of his poisoning. 

3) Asta And Liebe’s Devil Union:

Devil Union is something that was introduced with Nacht’s character as he has contracts with 4 different Devils. He can perform devil union with all of them, and what it does is it fuses you and your devil together, almost like in Dragonball Z!

Asta and Liebe

Here, both his and his devils’ abilities combine and thus are amplified. In Nacht’s case, he can create shadow wolves using Gimodello, and lots of other things with his other devils. 

But, for Asta, he and Liebe end up becoming a whole different beast. Even with an incomplete Devil Union, he still outmatches Nacht when using it after 2-3 days of training. 

2) Asta Vs Lillith And Namaah:

This was a fight that we honestly never thought we would see. Asta took down not one, but two Supreme Devils! Devils that are confirmed to be stronger than the Dark Triad no less. 

Asta vs Lilith and Namaah

To top it off, he did it in 4 minutes! These devils were so powerful they could have destroyed the entire Spade kingdom in one hit if they really wanted to, and yet he still killed them without breaking a sweat. This was so badass it almost took the number one spot!

1) Asta Defeats The Ancient Demon: 

This fight was truly a peak moment for our boy for a number of reasons. 

Asta kills Devil

Firstly, he’s showing the Clover Kingdom that he’s worthy of being their future Wizard King. He can protect them from practically anything that may threaten them. 

Secondly, he’s showing them that devils can be good, and that not all of them are evil. Although he’s been “possessed” by one, he isn’t a bad guy, so even though he’s technically guilty of what he’s been accused of, he’s really not in all actuality. 

Thirdly and most importantly, it shows the people watching that him becoming the Wizard King will mean a new direction, a new culture, a new way of living, where all are treated equally, and there is no cruelty among the kingdom’s people or even the other kingdoms!

What’s your favorite badass Asta moment? Comment below!