One Punch Man: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Saitama

One Punch Man/WIT STUDIO

The protagonist of One Punch Man, Saitama is an interesting character who can be unpredictable and weird, in a good way. Here are 10 things you probably don’t know about Saitama! 

1) Saitama’s Favorite Food: 

The One Punch Man: Hero Encyclopedia’s page number 75 states that Hot Pot is Saitama’s favorite food!

Saitama hotpot

I don’t think that this comes off as a surprise to anyone, as he makes hot pot whenever people arrive at his place and was instantly ready to visit Bang when he offered some hot pot! 

2) Saitama Changed His Cape: 

If you remember well, Saitama’s cape was red in color before the House of Evolution Arc!

Saitama's new cape you didnt know One Punch Man

However, it was changed to white near the Giant Meteor Arc, perhaps as a stylistic change!

3) Saitama’s Previous Jobs:

Before becoming a hero, Saitama worked a few jobs to keep a roof over his head! He worked part-time at a convenience store to make ends meet. 

Saitama hair

As a teenager, he used to work part-time at the local festivals! Now that’s something that the anime never showed!

4) Saitama Is A Miser: 

Well, this isn’t something you wouldn’t know, but Saitama is a miser. He is very stingy about money, having accidentally killed Carnage Kabuto over missing a weekly sale!

Saitama sale

However, what you might not know is the level of stingy Saitama is! He cooked the monster Kombu Inifinity’s “hair” because it was made out of seaweed for dinner! This is not the only instance either, he has ventured into the forest and hunted his own food too!

5) Saitama’s Is Still Active: 

Even though Saitama is the strongest and nobody comes close to his level, Saitama hasn’t stopped training!

Saitama training

In a One Punch Man stream in 2016, it was revealed that Saitama still does his daily routine. Talk about dedication! 

6) The Story Behind Saitama’s Iconic Suit:

Do you ever wonder how Saitama came up with the idea for his iconic suit? 

Saitama and Tailor

Well, as it turns out, he didn’t! In the One Punch Man OVA: Road to Hero, Saitama got his suit from an old retired tailor! The tailor would occasionally fix Saitama’s tracksuit. And, he found Saitama fit for this heroic costume!

While embarrassed about wearing it at first, Saitama has come to cherish the costume!

7) Things That Saitama Likes: 

Do you ever wonder what Saitama likes? Like, if he has any hobbies? 

Saitama seaweed

While I don’t know if he has any hobbies, Saitama likes seaweed, Chinese cabbage, and new, cheap products! Saitama reminds me of my mom! 

8) Why Saitama Loves Cactus:

While Saitama doesn’t have a lush garden on his balcony, he does have a cute little cactus!

Saitama's Cactus

Ever wondered why? Well, because Cactus are low maintenance! They don’t need to be watered daily and stuff, so it suits his lifestyle. 

Honestly, expecting anything from Saitama is a bit too much at this point. 

9) Saitama’s Progression In The Hero Association: 

Saitama has been a part of the hero Association for more than two months now, and here’s how he rose through the ranks! 

Saitama One Punch Man True Strength

C-Class Rank 388 (Beginning of series) → C-Class Rank 342 (The Sonic incident) → C-Class Rank 5 (Meteor Arc) → C-Class Rank 2 (Before the Seafolk invasion) → C-Class Rank 1 (After the Deep Sea King arc) → B-Class Rank 101 (Promoted to B-Class) → B-Class Rank 63 (S-Class meeting) → B-Class Rank 33 (Between King and Garou introduction and after the Dark Matter Thieves Arc) → B-Class Rank 7 (Before meeting Fubuki) → A-Class Rank 39 (After the Monster Association Arc)

10) Saitama Wears Flip Flops For A Reason: 

If Saitama isn’t in his hero costume, then he’s wearing his trademark “Oppai” tee, jeans, and flip-flops! 


While it is comfortable, the reason why Saitama doesn’t walk around dripped out might shock you! According to him, it’s because these clothes are the easiest to change out of when encountering monsters! A hero through and through! 

What was the most surprising fact? Comment below!