One Punch Man:10 Things You Didn’t Know About Genos

Genos wallpaper
One Punch Man/WIT STUDIO

Genos quickly became known as one of the most interesting characters in One Punch Man! But, did you know these 10 things about the cyborg? 

1) Genos’ Aesthetic Inspirations: 

During the designing process, Murata, the creator of the One Punch Man manga drew him a jacket similar to that of Kaneda from Akira. He even referenced Tetsuo’s appearance. 


However, he didn’t use them and now thinks that they were too over the top!

2) The Meaning Behind Genos’ Hero Name: 

The One Punch Man: Hero Encyclopedia gave us some information about all the heroes in the series, including Genos. 

Genos OPM

According to the book, Genos’ alias “Demon Cyborg” originates from his aggressive fighting style and lack of fear of monsters! 

3) Genos Had A Meteoric Rise In Popularity: 

In Episode 6 of the anime, Genos rose to fame among the people!

Genos popularity rank

In fact, he was already ranked #6 in Hero Popularity by the world’s public and made his way into the Top 5 Most Handsome Heroes list too! Way to go for our cyborg!

4) Genos Could’ve Been A Female:

While Genos was supposed to be male, Murata did draw him as a female!

Genos female

Honestly, this looks amazing! We wouldn’t mind this at all! 

5) Genos Cries In Petrol: 

Ever wondered if cyborgs cry? And if they do, do they have water stored?

Genos surprised

Well, according to the One Punch Man: Hero Encyclopedia Genos’ tears are made of oil!

6) Genos Has A Built-In Sleep Mode: 

Since Dr. Kuseno wanted Genos to still live a life like a human, he made sure that Genos can eat and enjoy life!
Genos sleeping

To make sure that he’s always energetic, he also installed a built-in sleep mode in Genos! Talk about being considerate!

7) Genos Can Change His Body To Do House Chores: 

We all know that Saitama agreed to be Genos’ sensei because he would do the chores. But, how does he do it? 

Genos cleaning

Well, unsurprisingly, he has special arms to help him! His right hand comes with a built-in vegetable peeler. The palms also contain ports that allow him to blast out warm air to dry dishes! A drink bottle opener is built into his right shoulder.

Genos is a whole husbando package! 

8) Genos Makes Training Diaries: 

No matter what happens, Genos wants to take his revenge, and he’s dead serious about it. 

Genos Training Diary OPM

For this cause, he also maintains training diaries, where he notes down any “words of wisdom” or “training techniques” that his master, Saitama might have!

As you’d expect, a lot of this information is useful. I mean, he made notes about how to “properly hold and read a manga while slouching on a futon”!!

9) Genos Can’t Swim: 

As surprising as this is, Genos is only a cyborg, after all. 

Genos swimming

Without any special upgrades, Genos cannot swim! This is because he’s too heavy! 

Well, this is definitely something you didn’t know about the Demon Cyborg! 

10) Genos’ Nationality: 

In one of his streams, Murata, the artist for the One Punch Man Manga talked about the ethnicity of characters if they existed in the real world!

Genos Handsome

Can you guess what Genos’ would be? If you guessed German, that’s right! Genos’ blonde hair, and tall figure do make him seem German after all! 

Which was the most surprising fact about Genos? Let us know in the comments below!