One Punch Man: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Tatsumaki

One Punch Man (Viz Media)

We all know that Tatsumaki is the strongest esper in history, but there are some weird facts about the Tornado of Terror that will surprise you! 

1) Tatsumaki’s Likes: 

While the Tornado Of Terror doesn’t have a lot of hobbies, she does like her sister, and training in spacious areas. 

Tatsumaki OPM

She is also obsessed with candy apples and goes to festivals to exclusively eat them!

2) Tatsumaki Wears Underpants: 

Before you call the police on me for being a creep, hear me out! 

Tatsumaki flying

In a stream, Murata, the author of the One Punch Man manga stated that the people over at Madhouse studio asked him if Tatsumaki wore underpants. 

Well, since they were animating the series, this seems like a genuine question, hopefully. 

3) Tatsumaki’s Cameo Appearance: 

In chapter 8 of Mob Psycho 100, another series written by ONE, the original author of One Punch Man, Tatsumaki has a cameo appearance when the series explains the term “Esper”! 

Tatsumaki in mob psycho 100

One also said that Tatsumaki is generally stronger than Mob, but the tables may turn if he gets serious!

4) Tatsumaki Is Scared Of Ghosts:

While you would think that the S-Class Rank 2 Hero has zero fears, who could’ve known that her fear is something so common? 

Saitama and Tatsumaki

Well, at least the reason for her fear isn’t common. During one of her trips to the festivals for candy apples, Tatsumaki went to a haunted house. 

Coincidentally, Saitama was working part-time at the place and mistook the Tornado of Terror for a lost child! Pissed, Tatsumaki tried to use her psychic powers on baldy to teach him a lesson. 

However, this was a bad decision! Since her powers didn’t work on Saitama, she assumed that he was a ghost, making her believe that her almighty powers are nothing in front of ghosts! 

5) Tatsumaki Has Dual Citizenship: 

In a stream, Murata talked about the ethnicity of the OPM characters if they existed in the real world. He noted that the Psychic Sisters would be French due to their fashion sense and aesthetics.

Tatsumaki and Fubuki OPM

However, their facial features would be Japanese!

6) Tatsumaki Was Sold Off By Her Parents: 

Strength can be a blessing and a curse. For Tatsumaki, it was clearly a curse. Due to her scary powers, Tatsumaki’s parents sold her off when she was only 7 years old! 

Tatsumaki crying

She was sold to some mad scientists who would experiment on her psychic strength and make her live in a cell. Most of her adolescence was spent inside that cell, away from the real world as he was tortured daily. 

7) Blast Is Tatsumaki’s Inspiration:

Fortunately for her, a monster outbreak led to Blast arriving on the scene, and he freed her from the scientists! 

Blast and Tatsumaki

That day, he also taught her a valuable lesson: To rely on herself, that nobody will come to save her. And, since that day, Tatsumaki looks at Blast as her hero and inspiration!  

8) Hero’s Association’s Score For Tatsumaki: 

The Hero Association is known for its brutal Hero Rating System! 

The maximum points on the scale are 80, with 8 categories and 10 points for each! 

Hero Association’s criteria and points for Tatsumaki are as follows: 

  • Stamina: 5/10 
  • Intelligence: 7/10 
  • Justice: 7/10 
  • Endurance: 8/10
  • Power: 9/10
  • Popularity: 9/10
  • Effectiveness: 10/10
  • Total: 65/10

9) Tatusmaki Is Actually 28 Years Old!

Believe it or not, Tatsumaki is not a 12-year-old kid! 

Tatsumaki and Fubuki manga

She is in fact 5 years older than Fubuki! Many characters like Saitama, Lily of the Blizzard Group, and Do-S have made this mistake! 

10) Tatsumaki Is A TV Remote: 

Being the greatest esper in the world, Tatsumaki’s psychic abilities transcend our imagination! 

Tatsumaki opm

In a bonus chapter for Volume 10 of the One Punch Man manga, Tatsumaki switches channels using her powers, and not a remote! 

Now, she can win the tv remote fight with her sister! Well, too bad her sister Fubuki hates her. 

These were 10 things you didn’t know about Tatsumaki! Which one was the most surprising? Comment below!