Jujutsu Kaisen: The Next Generation Of Sorcerers After Gojo Satoru Explained

Gojo did name-drop Yuta Okkotsu, Yuji Itadori, and Kinji Hakari, but the others, whom I’ll name-drop in this list, have the potential to be at their level!

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Warning: The following article contains major spoilers from Jujutsu Kaisen manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

Gojo Satoru is the benchmark for ideal sorcerers to become in the Jujutsu Kaisen world. And of course, when Gojo himself recognizes who will take over his mantle, fans will pay a lot more attention to those characters.

Gojo realized that it was not enough for him alone to be strong. Thus, in order to change the jujutsu society from the root, he began training sorcerers who would reach his power level or surpass it. Given that Kenjaku claimed a Special Grade is someone capable of wiping out a nation with one hand behind their back, we start to understand the MONSTERS Gojo has created, just like Shoko claimed them to be.

Sure, Gojo did name-drop Yuta Okkotsu, Yuji Itadori, and Kinji Hakari specifically, but the others, whom I’ll name-drop in this list, have the potential to reach their levels as well.

I mean, all of them are fighting or were fighting Sukuna in the final arc. So they do deserve to be here.

Without further ado, here’s the list of sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen who can take over from Gojo Satoru, starting with the most obvious candidate!

Yuta Okkotsu

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Yuta was made a Special Grade as soon as his career began and the reason for this was Rika.

Gojo gave Yuta his iconic Katana, as it acted as a suitable vessel to help stabilise such ridiculous power that he even achieved the Black Flash.

However, Rika is a bit of everything for Yuta. Not only is she a formidably strong cursed spirit, so much so that Geto stated his plans of succeeding would be raised from 20 or 30% to 99%, should he get his hands on her.

She was so strong, it was worth initiating an entire WAR.

This was later reinforced when Yuta confirmed that Rika was an absolute necessity to deal with Kenjaku’s rampaging Cursed Spirit outbreak, even if it was on the level of Shibuya’s, which released ten million spirits.

So no wonder she has the rank of QUEEN as that number is just too mind-boggling to even comprehend.

Another reason why Satoru Gojo thinks the rating system is pointless is because the evolution and power of curses have rapidly increased in recent times, This is due to Sukuna’s fingers resurfacing, his birth that disrupted the balance and other things, such as modern society producing more negative energy.

Yuta’s return after the Shibuya arc was insane, as he killed Yuji and defeated Choso with a single punch without having to use his copy technique or full power.

Yuji admits that although he will rein-force his physically gifted body with cursed energy, making it like steel, Yuta will make him mincemeat and Rika is too strong.

This is CRAZY because this is BEFORE the multiple powers up that occur for every sorcerer.

Later on, Sukuna opted to grab Yuta’s sword with a series of slashes as opposed to actively holding it, knowing what it could do and then we saw him decapitate Kenjaku in a single blow. This makes Yuta extremely powerful, as Gojo confirmed 80% of genetics plays a role in your strength.

Yuji Itadori

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By the time he faces Sukuna in the final arc, Yuji can EASILY kill Jogo, who is equal to 8 Sukuna fingers, with a few punches.

The author claimed in the Shibuya incident that 5 black flashes, with the help of Todo, would kill the special grade curse instantly.

However, since that time, Yuji has gotten even stronger, making his power level multiple times higher than it was.

For example, a 15-finger Sukuna claimed he would join the disaster curses if Jogo could land even 1 single attack on him, which he couldn’t.

But we have already seen Yuji land 7 black flashes in a row on Sukuna’s Heian Era form, which means all his stats have already put the disaster curses in the dust.

7 consecutive black flashes broke Nanami and Gojo’s record, for a total of 8 with the help of Todo. These are not even normal punches, as he has a special property that no ordinary sorcerer has, Yuji can see the contours of the soul, which means his punches directly impact them.

This leads to Sukuna losing control of his body and diminishing his cursed energy output, allowing everyone to keep fighting, just as Choso claimed in Chapter 256.

Soul punches are more effective than you think because even after Sukuna entered the zone himself and performed 4 black flashes, he wasn’t able to heal himself, But this is the king of curses we were talking about here, obviously, an ordinary person would be knocked out instantly with their souls leaving their body if Yuji fought them.

By consuming his remaining brothers, he gained the technique of blood manipulation, which he then trained with Choso and Noritoshi Kamo on how to use.

This allowed him to explode blood on Sukuna’s face and shoot a point-blank Piercing Blood.

Using Ui Ui’s soul transfer technique, which he swapped with Kusakabe and Yuta, this would accelerate the learning process as the memories and muscles in that person’s body are transferred to each other. With Kusakabe, he improved his cursed energy control and learned Simple Domain, which let Yuji survive the malevolent shrine.

The fact remains that Yuji outmanoeuvring Sukuna in combat in his awakened state, matching his speed and having the best defensive feats amongst the sorcerers, there is no way he isn’t a special grade.

Even SUKUNA HIMSELF admits that Yuji was unfazed by his slashes and punches when he was awakened.

On top of that, he is still going to master SHRINE, BLOOD MANIPULATION, RCT, and then domain expansion to completely become the strongest of all time.

Since Sukuna resided inside Kusakabe, he claims to have excellent learning capacity and jujutsu understanding. Uraume implies the same thing: within Yuji lies latent potential equal to THE KING!

Kinji Hakari

Kinji Hakari Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

Hakari is a BEAST when it comes to cursed energy and his technique. His strength has been foreshadowed right from chapter 11 itself, when Gojo himself attested that Hakari had a bright future.

Chapter 157 gave us a glimpse because Hakari landed a barrage of punches on Yuji, which hurt him to an extreme level, irrespective of how much or how little strength the senpai put into them.

Itadori felt like Hakari was hitting him with a baseball bat with a saw-like edge instead of punches. This alone is a massive nod to Hakari’s strength because Yuji is one of the most durable characters in the series, as I mentioned, so for him to feel the brunt of Hakari’s punches meant there was some huge secret.

And it didn’t take Hakari too long to let the cat out of the bag, as the key was his cursed energy. According to Gojo, Hakari’s energy had an edge that was making his punches seem so harsh because Yuji could handle the physical strength but not the cursed energy hitting him!

Even Bernard wondered how Hakari’s cursed energy felt rough and hurt him like sandpaper. This fact definitely makes Hakari much stronger in 1-on-1 battles, as he’s also very agile.

Hakari’s entire fight against Bernard, the manga artist, was proof of how he is excellent when it comes to physical capabilities. Firstly, this artist had the power to glimpse into the future, which would’ve been a massive problem for an average sorcerer.

However, it didn’t take Hakari too long to find a way out of Bernard’s ability to look into the future, and that was to attack from his blind spots. To do this, Hakari moved around Bernard swiftly enough that he lost sight of him and took a massive punch to the stomach.

But all this aside, it is actually Hakari’s domain that makes him absolutely OP and the reason why he is a special grade!

In short, this domain makes him nearly invincible. It’s so powerful that it becomes evident why Yuta considers Hakari stronger when he’s fired up.

What truly makes this domain dangerous is that Hakari is unkillable.

The fact that he’s stalled Uruame since chapter 238 till the very end is amazing, During the Shibuya Incident, Uraume was able to incapacitate over half of the sorcerers with ease, Even putting their lives in danger by being able to freeze them to death until Yuki arrived.

We learn his healing factor is better than that of Gojo and Sukuna. Which is insane considering that Gojo tanked Melovent Shrine on purpose and only had shallow wounds, on the other hand, people like Yuji were losing limbs.

That puts Hakari above anything we imagined since he would lose body parts but regenerate too fast for it to even matter.

On top of that, Kashimo confirmed that, due to unlimited cursed energy, his speed, power, and everything else keep increasing the more jackpots he hits.

So defeating Kashimo in the culling game earns him a lot of merit, as he’s one of the most powerful sorcerers Kenjaku has ever encountered in one thousand years.

Although he was saving his one-time technique for Sukuna, Kashimo admits running out of cursed energy and loses.

Fumihiko Takaba

Fumihiko Takaba

Takaba can do the impossible, just like The STRONGEST.

He survived numerous bombings from Haze-noki and healed from the injuries he suffered without a reverse cursed technique.

However, he’s also capable of saving people’s lives.

We learn that Takaba being nearby saved Angel, which resulted in Hana learning the truth about his cursed technique.

He also saved Megumi’s life in Chapter 169, where Reggei stated his CURSED energy increased dramatically, the shift in it’s output being massive enough to outspeed them and win the battle.

Takaba’s technique, “Comedian,” turns anything he finds funny into reality. If he thinks Kenjaku turning into a cat is hilarious, it can happen! This power not only materializes his own thoughts but also impacts his opponent’s mind. Comedian has soul resonance, meaning it affects the opponent’s soul, making it formidable against opponents like Mahito and Sukuna, who struggle to protect their souls.

Takaba’s technique is so powerful that Kenjaku’s special-grade spirits are instantly defeated, as seen in Chapter 242. This puts him on par with monsters like Yuki, who killed the Asian Deity, and even Gojo. Despite Gojo’s compliments for Grade 1 sorcerer Mei-Mei, Takaba’s abilities clearly surpass hers, especially in dangerous situations like those in Chapter 101.

In Chapter 239, Kenjaku experiences something new in 1000 years: his attack is nullified, forcing him to play by Takaba’s rules. The only way to end their fight is if Kenjaku agrees to do manzai with Takaba. While Takaba takes no damage, the accumulated damage to his opponents is significant, even making Sukuna’s Cleave and Dismantle ineffective.

Kenjaku, who withstood a black hole, acknowledges Takaba’s power. Despite being able to defeat Kenjaku easily, Takaba aims to make him laugh instead. Comedian activates when Takaba’s confidence and conviction in his jokes are high. However, Kenjaku uses logic to break Takaba’s spirit, causing him to lose his power in Chapter 240.

Even though Kenjaku set up detectors to find Yuta, Takaba blocked his thoughts and cursed energy detection. Takaba doesn’t kill, which is why Yuta intervenes. This fight alone shows that Takaba is clearly above the special grade ranking.

Maki Zenin

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Despite being certified as a Grade 4 sorcerer, Maki’s true abilities far exceeded this low-ranking grade. Mei Mei, Todo, and Gojo recognized her potential, recommending her for Semi-Grade 1, but corruption prevented this advancement.

Maki’s life transformed in Chapter 149 due to her HEAVENLY RESTRICTION. She could only unlock her full potential if her twin, Mai, died. When their father threw them into a pit of cursed spirits, Mai sacrificed herself to free Maki from this constraint, leaving her the Soul Slashing Katana. This powerful sword cuts through anything and directly impacts the soul, even though Maki has no curse energy.

Unleashing her hidden power, Maki became a force reminiscent of Toji, known as the sorcerer killer. This was evident in her battle with Naoya, who used the Projection Technique to move at subsonic speeds. Maki not only kept up with him but eventually surpassed him when he turned into a vengeful cursed spirit, moving at Mach 3.

Maki’s abilities reached new heights after overcoming mental blockers, further trained through a sumo fight with Miyo. This breakthrough allowed her to sense atmospheric changes and the souls of inorganic matter, making her more powerful than ever.

Her defensive feats, including surviving domains with guaranteed hits, and her clashes with Sukuna, solidified her Special Grade status. In Chapter 213, Maki effortlessly defeated Sukuna’s Nue and fought him hand-to-hand, showcasing her extraordinary strength and speed.

Despite Sukuna’s overwhelming power, Maki kept up, even dodging his World Cutting Slash, the series’ most powerful attack. Sukuna acknowledged her strength, comparing her to Mahoraga, and admitted that she could see his techniques better than other sorcerers.

Maki’s resilience and power earned her the recognition of the King of Curses himself, proving her status as a Special Grade sorcerer.

Aoi Todo

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Todo is the chad of all chads. I couldn’t contain myself when he appeared once again in the Shibuya arc and in the final arc. I really thought Gege forgot about him but boy was I wrong!

It was revealed that this was all part of the sorcerer team’s plan to gain an advantage in the battle against Sukuna because Todo’s Boogie Woogie was far from done and dusted!

With his 530,000 IQ, Todo not only brought it back but also made it so OP that it instantly had Sukuna quaking in his boots. After all, this thing called Vibraslap is what makes Todo a special grade sorcerer!

Todo’s Boogie Woogie technique initially required a clap to swap anything infused with cursed energy, allowing only one swap at a time. Despite its limited range, Todo’s creativity and high IQ made it effective.

Now, Todo uses the collision of metal pieces in a wooden box as the trigger. Imagine the beads in a shaker colliding, and now envision Todo using Boogie Woogie with each sound. This allows him to use his technique fifty times per second!

Even special-grade curses like Hanami and Mahito couldn’t keep up with the basic version of Boogie Woogie, making this upgrade a nightmare. With the Vibraslap, Todo formed a roulette by swapping himself, Yuji, and Sukuna, making it impossible to keep track while fighting.

Although Boogie Woogie isn’t an offensive technique, its difficulty to counter made Sukuna comment that Todo’s timing was the worst. The power scaling in Jujutsu Kaisen is insane, as landing a single attack on a 20-Finger Heian Era Sukuna places you among the elite. Even at 15 fingers, no one dared to move against him, not even Jogo.

Todo’s training during the one-month time-skip boosted his stats, allowing him to land a huge kick to Sukuna’s face. His upgraded Boogie Woogie played a crucial role when Sukuna tried to blast everyone into his furnace. Todo expanded the range of his technique and replaced all sorcerers inside Sukuna’s domain with Mei Mei’s crows, making a huge substitution without Sukuna noticing.

Previously, Todo fought against five grade 1 cursed spirits and a special grade, defeating them all on his own. He hurt Hanami, who had the highest defense among the disaster curses. Todo can also perform black flash to unleash 120% of his potential and deal with domain expansions using a simple domain.

Now, facing the strongest of all time, Todo’s power, speed, and defense make him a significant player in the fight. Unlike a typical Grade 1 sorcerer like Ino, who admits the fight is out of his league, Todo’s physical strength, cursed energy knowledge, high IQ, and updated Boogie Woogie make him the best support to have.