Attack On Titan: 9 Best Tattoos To Get!

It is extremely important to find the right design to engrave on our bodies forever. 

Attack on titan final season
Attack on Titan

We all have that one series that we love deeply, and sometimes, we want to make our undying passion for it to be eternal.

And, for many people, the right step is to get a tattoo! As a tattoo enthusiast (whose first tattoo was a band logo), it is extremely important to find the right design to engrave on our bodies forever.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the 10 best Attack on Titan tattoo ideas that will help you express your passion!

9) The Army Emblems

One of the easiest and simplest tattoos to get would be the emblems from the army forces!

aot emblems

From the Survey Corps to the Scout Regiment, choose one!

8  ) “Tatakae”

Sometimes, the best tattoos are the simplest ones! Getting tattoos in East and Southeast Asian languages is never going out of trend, and getting this simplistic tattoo is one way to stay in your comfort zone while showing love for the series.

tatakae eren tattoo

Considering the size of the tattoo, it is possible to get this on any part of your body, however you like.

It’s also going to be cost and beginner-friendly, making it a great choice!

7) Ymir Tattoo

If you love Attack on Titan‘s aesthetic and themes, then this Ymir tattoo is something you should look into.

ymir tattoo attack on titan

This is a vital scene for the story, and a really cool-looking one for a tattoo too!

6) Levi’s Eyes:

Levi is the fan-favorite of the majority of the fans of the series and for good reasons.

levi attack on titan tatoo

The look in his eyes is loved by many, and getting these tatted could be a good idea. If you’re looking for something more edgy, you could get one with his current state as well!

5) The Sword Tattoo:

We’ve all seen the sword tattoos, but let’s take it up a notch.

aot tattoo ideas

This tattoo by Reddit user EmrysTheBlue is the perfect example with the flowers and length!

4) The Eren’s Titan Tattoo:

Eren’s titan is the center piece of the series, and you can never go wrong a good Eren tattoo!

Eren's titan tatoo attack on titan

This design by rb.tattooer is one of the best to go for!

3) Eren’s Eyes:

Another amazing Eren-related tattoo is Eren’s eyes!

aot tattoo eren's eyes

Eren’s eyes after becoming a titan are one of the most attractive things in the anime, just because of its aesthetic and style!

2) The Walls Tattoo

One of the creepiest and most haunting scenes in Attack on Titan was the Titan in the wall.

aot tattoos

Getting this on your knee or elbow would look amazing!

1) Eren’s Final Form Tattoo

Eren’s final form is one of the most intimidating final forms in anime, especially with the Collosal Titans behind him!

Eren's final titan form tattoo

This is a huge tattoo to get, and with the right artist, it would absolutely be worth it!