All OFA Users In MHA Explained

My Hero Academia

One for All is possibly the most crucial Quirk in all of My Hero Academia. It is a stockpile Quirk that stores power over time. Apart from enhanced speed, strength, and reflexes, One for All offers an overpowered ability to its users. 

Transferable quick. One for All can be transferred to another person by making the new user ingest some of the user’s DNA. Hence, there are quite a few users of the Quirk, 9 to be precise!

Today, we’re going to discuss the all One for All users, starting from the first! 

1) Yoichi Shigaraki: 

The creator of One for All is All for One, the man who wants to destroy it. All for One started this Quirk as a way of creating a game of balance. His younger brother, Yoichi Shigaraki was born Quirkless. 

Yoichi Shigaraki

However, he rejected All for One’s ideology. The elder brother forcefully transferred a “Power Stockpiling” Quirk into him. 

At the time, the Quirk only possessed the power to transfer itself from one user to another. On top of that, Yoichi was a frail person, and couldn’t handle the destructiveness that came with the Quirk. 

His attempt to defeat All for One failed miserably, but he was able to pass down the Quirk before dying. 

2) Second User: 

So far, we have little to no information about the second user of the One for All quirk. All we know is that they were the leaders of the group that rebelled against All for One.  

At the time, All for One was in his prime, and the second user was able to rescue Yoichi with the help of another leader of the group. Before dying, Yoichi managed to transfer the OFA Quirk to this man. 

One For All Second USer

After the face reveal of the second OFA user, theories about Bakugo potentially time-traveling to the future to help Deku started to surface. While most people shot them down, it caught momentum. 

During Midoriya Retrieval, the second OFA user was somehow aware of when Bakugou and the rest of the 1-A class would arrive. 

3) Third User: 

Similarly, much isn’t known about the third user of OFA. He was the person who helped the second user in rescuing Yoichi. 

One For ALL 3rd User

His quirk was Fa Jin, which allows its user to store Kinetic energy by repeating a motion. This energy can be used to gain a burst of speed and strength! 

4) Hikage Shinomori: 

Hikage Shinomori’s Quirk was Danger Sense. It was basically Spider-Man’s sixth sense, allowing him to sense any danger and mal-intent in his vicinity. Inheriting the quirk at the age of 22, the fourth user of OFA lived during AFO’s reign. 

Hikage Shinomori

However, Hikage was aware of the fact that he isn’t strong enough to defeat AFO. Hence, he left the cities and started training to understand One for All, so that the next user has a better shot at defeating OFA. 

Due to the nature of the quirk, Hikage’s body started deteriorating rapidly by the age of 40, forcing him to transfer OFA to the next user. 

5) Daigoro Banjo: 

The first user of OFA was Daigoro Banji, aka pro hero Lariat. His quirk, Blackwhip, was the strongest quirk out of all OFA users. It allowed him to extend black energy from his wrists in the shape of whips. 

Daigoro Banjoro

While defeated by AFO, Daigoro managed to prevent the villain from stealing the OFA. In his last moments, he was trapped under rubble, and extended his hand to his junior En, who became the next user of OFA. Simultaneously, Daigoro was killed by AFO.

6) En: 

As mentioned above, En was Daigoro’s junior. His quirk, Smokescreen allowed him to produce smoke that obscured vision. 

En MHA 4th OFA User

Due to the passive nature of his quirk, AFO was able to hunt him down with ease. However, he inherited his master’s willpower and prevented the transfer of the OFA quirk too! En was probably the younger OFA user before Midoriya.

7) Nana Shimura: 

The lady with the lovely smile was Nana Shimura, a pro hero with the quirk Float. Before dying, En had passed OFA to Nana, making her the first female OFA user. She was also the first user to see a Vestige dream, where the past users communicate. 

Nana Shimura MHa

Due to her new responsibility, Nana gave up on her family to protect them and worked hard. She also trained a high school student named Toshinori Yagi, who became the next successor. 

Like the other users, AFO was successful in killing her too. One of her hands was given to her grandson, whom we know as Tomura Shigaraki. 

8) Toshinori Yagi: 

Better known by his pro hero name All Might, Yagi is the longest holder of OFA. After Yagi told Nana about his dream to become a symbol of peace, she transferred the quirk to him. 

All Might Mha OFA

After his predecessor’s death, Yagi left Japan to train. After returning, he confronted AFO and became the first user to ever defeat AFO! However, he had suffered major injuries too, damaging his stomach and rupturing parts of his respiratory system.

While desperately looking for a successor, he found Midoriya Izuku. 

9) Izuku Midoriya: 

The final user and our protagonist, Izuku, was born quirkless, too. All of us have witnessed his tough journey, and how he has been working to master the quirk. 

Izuku Midoriya Full Cowling MHA

Midoriya has seen the Vestige dreams the most, and can control OFA Full Cowl at 45% right now. He also has access to all the quirks except the Second User’s, although we don’t know if he even had a quirk in the first place.

As we know, Midoriya will become the greatest user of OFA, and his deduction of OFA being a quirk for the quirkless turns out to be true, there are little chances that he will have a successor.