10 Things You Probably Missed In Attack on Titan!

Aot Eren
Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan is notoriously popular for its attention to detail! Ever since the very first episode of Attack on Titan aired, people realized that the show has a lot of underlying meaning behind its visuals, dialogues, body language, etc. 

While you may be aware of many, we’re here to bring a list of 10 Things we believe you might’ve missed in Attack of Titan! 

1) Eren’s Titan During Eren vs Female Titan: 

During Eren’s final fight against Annie, we witnessed the monstrous side of Eren as he brutalized Annie. During this scene, some people also noticed a few differences in Eren. 

Eren had blue eyes instead of green and noticeably sharper teeth. The most distinct difference was how Eren’s voice was borderline “evil” or demonic as he yelled “I’ll destroy the entire world” and “I am free…” seemingly out of nowhere.

Eren vs Annie

These things are rather uncharacteristic of Eren to say at the current point of the series. However, everybody considered it to simply be Eren blabbering in a rage since that’s the only explanation behind it.  

But, the revelation of the Attack Titan’s time-transcending abilities makes it a fair guess that Eren was under the influence of his future self; perhaps even controlled by it.

2) Eren Doesn’t Know What A Monkey Is: 

During season 2, the Scouts nickname the ape-looking titan ‘Beast titan’, since they have never seen an ape. Ymir, however, refers to him as a ‘monkey’. 

Beast Titan

Eren repeats a monkey?’ In the original Japanese text, Ymir says ‘monkey’ using kanji, but Eren uses katakana, implying that he just repeated the word without understanding its meaning. This was a major hint towards the existence of life flourishing outside the walls, including humans!

3) The Final Organism In Op 2: 

In the second opening of Attack on Titan, we can see this weird organism around the 1:14 timestamp if you watch the opening in slow motion. While people assumed it to be one of the many organisms shown in the opening, things start to make sense as the manga starts getting closer to its end.  

Aot Ymir

In chapter 122 of the manga, we got to know how the titans came into existence. In the chapter, Ymir was being used as a hunt cattle, when she stepped into an unnaturally tall tree in hopes of surviving the hunt. There, she fell into a pool of water, where she was attacked by a stick-like weird organism.

This organism merged with Ymir’s spine and somehow gave her the powers to turn into the first Titan. Talk about foreshadowing! 

4) Ep 1 Card Shows Marley and Paradis: 

The VERY first detail in Attack on Titan (apart from the episode title, which you must be aware of), is the episode card itself! If you shut-ins increase the brightness of your phone/computer and take a good look at the episode card, you’ll see that there are rough drawings on the card, similar to that of a map. 

Aot ep 1 card

While many noticed this when they started watching the anime, they soon forgot about it due to other more interesting things happening in the series. In season 3 part 2, we finally get to know about Marley and the other countries through Grisha Yeager’s diary. And guess what! The rough map on the first episode’s card showed Paradis and Marley! 

5) Why Hange Experiments On Titans: 

In the first episode of the Attack on Titan OVA series During the 49th Exterior Scouting Mission, Section Commander Hange Zoë and Captain Levi encounter an Abnormal Titan

This leads them to the site of Ilse Langnar‘s death. Ilse’s notebook reveals that one year ago, she had encountered that same Titan who spoke to her, and mistook her to be Ymir Fritz, the first titan. 


But it killed her afterward when she attempted to question it. The discovery convinces Commander Erwin Smith to approve resuming attempts at capturing Titans and is the biggest inspiration behind Hange Zoe’s curiosity regarding Titans. 

Furthermore, this is why Levi and Hange were shocked when they got to know that a girl named Ymir was a part of the Scout regiment! 

6) Rumbling Transformation Reference In Opening 4:

In the 4th Opening titled “my war”, at exactly 10 seconds, we can see a titan transforming from its spine and transitioning into a nuclear explosion!

Aot my war

It really wouldn’t be an exaggeration to consider this as a nod towards the rumbling due to aot’s notorious history of spoiling major events in the openings and endings!

Or, it could be a hint towards Armin’s transformation near the port, who knows! 

7) Why The Titan Who Ate Eren Did Not Gain Powers: 

Going back to the very first season of the series, you’d surely remember the scene where Eren saved Armin and was then eaten by a Titan. As we learned more about the world of Attack on Titan, we got to know that a Titan can inherit the powers of another Titan by eating them. Then, why is THAT Titan an exception? Why did he not gain the powers of the Attack Titan?


Well, the answer isn’t plot convenience, and is quite simple! This titan right here swallowed Eren in whole, and Eren was still alive in its stomach. If it had simply bit Eren’s head off, it would’ve received the powers of the Attack titan! So close! 

8) Levi Predicted Armin Saving The World: 

During the Armin vs Erwin dilemma, Levi originally planned on saving Erwin for obvious reasons. However, Eren made some major points in defense of Armin, forcing Levi to have second thoughts. However, he also proclaimed something about the future; he proclaimed that one day, it’s going to be Armin who’s going to save the world. 

Armin burnt

Somehow, this does come true, as Armin proclaims that he’s the one who killed Eren and saved the world from the Rumbling at the end of the manga, effectively proving Eren right. 

The same has been said for Zeke time and time again, and he too proved it by helping in the stopping in the rumbling eventually.  The two’s union in chapter 137 put an end to Eren’s terror!

9) Reiner admitting to the murders: 

Reiner is one of the most complex and well-written characters in Attack on Titan. We get to witness how he developed a split personality disorder alongside an inner conflict regarding his position in the world and the lives of his friends, and family. This often led him to suicidal thoughts in season 4, and the hints were always there. 


For example, he once said that he and his friends are short-lived mass murderers. Here, Reiner is referring to himself, Annie, and Bertholdt as they inherited one of the nine founding Titans.

10) Eren’s first-time travel: 

Older Eren is in episode 1 of the manga, but none of us ever realized it!

Aot Ep 1
Credit: SymphonicSuite [AOT] On Tumblr
It is genuinely surprising how far this series goes with its foreshadowing! 

So, how many of these were you aware of? Have more? Let us know in the comments below!