10 Strongest Characters in One Punch Man Ranked!

One Punch Man
One Punch Man (Viz Media)

One Punch Man is a gag manga, taking a refreshing take on the shonen cliches. In a series about a man who can defeat anybody with a single punch, strong characters are a must! 

Today, we’re going to take a look at the strongest characters in the One Punch Universe! 

10) King: 

King, S-Class Ranked 7 is one of the strongest characters in the series, believe it or not! Yes, he can’t actually shoot laser beams and he doesn’t have a strong power like other characters. He has something even greater! King has a “passive ability” that grants him superior luck.

King One Punch Man

It is because of this ability that King has become a high-ranking S-Class Hero and can survive pretty much any risky situation! This ability has the potential to make King immortal! However, we’re ranking him at number 10 to keep things fair and avoid relying on speculation! 

9) Platinum Sperm:

The Dragon-level threat, Platinum Sperm started off as Black Sperm, who is well, weird. However, it’s this weird and meek-looking presence that became its biggest advantage! 

Platinum Sperm

Black Sperm can divide itself into multiple sperms when dealt with a fatal blow! Even in this form, Black Sperm was able to score a victory against Atomic Samurai, who is S-Class rank 4. 

While we don’t have an official number, it is at least more than 54 Trillion! 54 Trillion is the number required for Black Sperm to become Platinum Sperm, his final form. As Platinum Sperm, the monster was able to create constellations and can take on multiple S-Class heroes at the same time with ease! 

8) Dr. Bofoi: 

Dr. Bofoi, better known as Metal Knight is the S-Class Rank 6 hero responsible for all of the security systems in place by the Hero Association. Always using cyborgs, Dr. Bofoi is an enigmatic man. 

Dr Bofoi

While we don’t have a true understanding of his power, we’re comfortable with placing him on the 8th rank! He possesses a wide array of robots to fight specific battles. With preparation, his creations can survive the shockwaves created by Boros’ ship! 

Psykos, the leader of the Monster Association also considered Bofoi to be one of her biggest threats! 

7) Psykos + Orochi: 

When a blessed Psykos merged with Orochi, the two transformed into a huge tentacular monster. Their strength is almost unparalleled as the scale of their attacks was far beyond their capabilities in the past! 

Psykorochi OPM

This new monster was capable of lifting parts of the oceanic crust with a single beam, keeping up in terms of speed with the S-Class hero Drive Knight too! Her Psychic techniques are almost second to none! 

6) Tatsumaki: 

Tatsumaki is the greatest esper humanity has ever seen! As the rank 2 S-Class hero, she is the greatest weapon in the Hero Association’s arsenal. 

Tatsumaki OPM

The Tornado of Terror was able to fight on a near-even footing with the combination of Psykos and Orochi while trying to protect other heroes and holding back! 

Even in a weakened state, Tatsumaki twisted all of city Z while destroying every cell of the Psykos-Orochi transformation! 

5) Boros: 

Boros, also known as the Dominator of the Universe is an alien being who possesses boundless strength. He has an endless source of energy in his body that allows him to launch planet-destroying attacks with ease.


It also allows him to regenerate any damage taken! This ability made him the first character to ever survive Saitama’s normal consecutive punches! A casual kick from this guy was able to send Saitama flying to the moon! 

His final attack, Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon, is said to have enough energy to incinerate the Earth’s surface! 

4) Blast:

Blast, S-Class Rank 1 is a hero who has stopped bothering with Dragon-level threats. To him, they’re child’s play. When Blast finally made his appearance, his abilities shocked us all! 

Blast and Saitama

Blast can teleport through a dimension and even manipulate energy! This allows him to handle almost any attack launched at him! His greatest feat is holding and deflecting Saitama and Garou’s combined clash in space! 

This attack sent Garou flying to Titan, one of Jupiter’s moons while eradicating all the stars in the path! 

3) Garou: 

Garou, also known as the Hero Hunter, has surpassed everybody’s expectations. After accidentally gaining God’s partial blessing, he evolved into Cosmic Garou. 

Garou OPM

So far, only Cosmic Garou has been able to go toe-to-toe against Saitama for a short while. Garou’s punches can destroy a planet in a second, and his radiation can kill any human after just a minute of exposure! 

During his fight against Saitama in Space, Garou proved himself to be a star-buster! 

2) God: 

Perhaps the most enigmatic being in One Punch Man, God is one of the main antagonists in the series. Currently sealed, this being is looking for a worthy sacrifice to become free and claim the universe! 


God can “bless’ people with his powers and turn them into Dragon-level threats instantly! His strongest creation was Cosmic Garou, who managed to survive more than one serious punch from Saitama!

This is presumed to be less than even 1% of God’s power! Just imagine the sheer full power of this being! 

1) Saitama:

Saitama, also known as Caped Baldy, is the protagonist of our beloved series. Due to his extreme training regime, he lost all of his hair and managed to remove his limiter! 

Saitama One Punch Man True Strength

This led to Saitama becoming so strong that he can defeat any being in existence with a single punch! Even though God is overwhelmingly strong, he still won’t be able to defeat the One Punch Man!

Do you agree with our list? Whom would you replace and why? Let us know in the comments below!