10 Easter Eggs In Mha You Probably Never Noticed!

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

Tv series all around the world are known to add easter eggs, and anime is no different! However, one mainstream anime that really dedicated its time to these easter eggs is My Hero Academia! 

MHA has tons of references to Western and Japanese superheroes, shows, and movies!

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 10 easter eggs in MHA!

1) A Homage To Our Favorite Heroes:

One of the earliest chapters of the My Hero Academia manga pays homage to some of our favorite heroes. This was during the quirk explanation, where the left panel has All Might, and on the right, our other favorite superheroes!

The superheroes referenced are Spider-Man, Ultraman, Moonlight Mask, Super Man, Kamen Rider, and a few more. 

2) Twice Is Inspired By Deadpool:

While it has never been confirmed, this one should be obvious. I always thought that Twice is inspired by Deadpool. 


Their costume styles are similar, both of them have the most hilarious one-liners and have similar personality traits in general. For example, both of them have voices in their heads. 

3) Disney Exists In The My Hero Academia Universe:

In most mangas and animes, the story is set in a different universe, where there are little to no similarities with our world. Apart from the basic geography, that is. 


However, My Hero, Academia seems to take place in a parallel universe. Toru Hagakure, better known as the Invisible Girl made a reference to Disney in one of the chapters. She talks about going to the Disneyland Parade with her hero friends! 

4) Natsu’s Cameo in MHA:

During Endeavour’s fight against the new Nomu, Natsu made an appearance to help Endeavour. While this wasn’t in a fight, we can see a kid in episodes 87 and 88 of the anime, who looks familiar. 


He has the same pink hair and a similar scarf as Natsu as he screams and yells that Endeavour is still fighting the Nomu to save everyone. 

5) Todoroki Fights Ninjas From Naruto:

During the Provisional License Exam Arc, our main cast went against some interesting trainees. Todoroki faced an interesting bunch too, who were clearly paying homage to Naruto! 

These ninjas wore a similar style of outfit with the iconic ninja headband. Their fighting style, too, was very similar to the ones seen in Naruto. 

Considering the fact that Horikoshi is a Naruto fan, a Naruto reference was gladly inevitable. 

6) His Purple Highness from My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Is A Tribute To Prince:

The spin-off manga My Hero Academia: Vigilantes shows more heroes and villains from the My Hero Academia universe. One such hero is “His Purple Highness”. 

High Purple Highness

He has a flamboyant personality, and his famous line is “You want to be a hero? Then trust in your own power and smile”. He also has a P on his belt. All of these are a clear references to the late legend Prince. 

7) Rikiya Yotsubashi Is My Hero Academia’s Joker:

The President and Ceo of the Deternat Company and the Grand Commander of the Modern Meta Liberation Army has an uncanny smile. Furthermore, his appearance, expressions, and movements all seem familiar to another popular villain, the Joker.

Rikiya Yotsubashi

After all these amazing references, how could Horikoshi miss out on a reference to the Joker, who is one of the most infamous villains of all time? 

8) Momo’s Costume Is Inspired From A DC Comic:

Momo Yaoyoruzu has one of the most popular outfits in the My Hero Academia series, for better or worse. However, what people don’t know is that this outfit is almost the same as the one worn by a DC villain. 

Vitoria, or the Wanderer is a minor (or background) villain in DC Comics, wearing the same suit! 

9) The Gorillaz Become A Part Of My Hero Academia:

While we believed that the references in My Hero Academia were limited to heroes, it goes beyond that! One of the Meta Liberation Army’s Leaders is a company director. 

Feel Good Inc

The name of his company is “Feel Good Inc.”, a reference to a hit song from the band Gorillaz. 

10) Himigo Toga Sports A Bane Mask:

Himiko Toga is one of the craziest characters in My Hero Academia. She sports a face mask that prevents her from breathing the toxic mask released by Mustard, a fellow villain. 

himiko Toga MHA

I always thought that something about Toga was similar, but I could never figure it out. That was until people started to point at her mask, which is the same as Bane’s from Batman: The Dark Knight Rises movie!