Yuta Taking Over Gojo’s Body In Jujutsu Kaisen Isn’t An Asspull As Some Fans Think

In this article, I’ll debunk that argument to show evidence that Gege actually foreshadowed this in the story, along with Gojo’s faith in his students.

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Warning: The following article contains major spoilers from Jujutsu Kaisen manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

Jujutsu Kaisen manga has unveiled a monumental plot twist that has left fans utterly stunned.

Yuta has now taken control of Gojo’s body, emerging as the most powerful sorcerer. Tragically, to conquer a monster like Sukuna, he had to transform into a monster himself, with his actions making even Sukuna’s cannibalism seem mild in comparison, basically quoting what Armin said in Attack on Titan.

To surpass monsters, you must be willing to abandon your humanity. Armin Arlert quote | Attack on titan funny, Attack on titan, Manga quotes

Now, the thing is, a lot of fans on social media weren’t too happy about this development. Especially Gojo fans, for obvious reasons.

Some of them argued that this decision by Yuta came out of nowhere, because they expected him to take over Kenjaku’s body instead. But in this article, I’ll debunk that argument to show evidence that Yuta taking over Gojo’s body isn’t an asspull and Gege isn’t just in a hurry to wrap up the manga, at least this time.

Yuta taking over Gojo’s body foreshadowed by Gege?!

For example, Kenjaku stated back in chapter 90 that Yuta could not become the next Gojo Satoru, but now he literally became that by throwing away his humanity just like Sukuna would.

(JJK Chapter 90)

Another instance when this happened is in Chapter 139, where Yuji mistakes Yuta for Gojo due to his cursed energy. The fact that Yuji describes Yuta’s cursed energy as creepy further foreshadows the notion that Yuta will one day give up his humanity to destroy the biggest monster, Sukuna.

(JJK Chapter 139)

This is because Yuta and Gojo are distant relatives, as he was told that he’s a descendant of Sugawara no Michizane. However, Uro, who was from the Heian era, claimed that Yuta was from the Fujiwara clan.

When Yuta brought this up, Gojo stated that there was a chance Yuta was born even more blessed than him because he might be a descendant of both of these powerful families, even though they were at odds with each other.

(JJK Chapter 261)

This plays a factor in Yuta taking over Gojo’s body, as there’s a chance that Yuta’s soul will have a high affinity for the Six Eyes and Limitless, therefore allowing him to exist inside Gojo’s body and use his abilities to the max.

When Yuta announced this plan, almost everyone was against it, even Maki, who actually turned into a monster during the Zenin assassination arc so it’s kinda ironic that she doesn’t want Yuta to become a monster.

dont read jujutsu kaisen — maki's return, chp 190 [id: It's a coloring of the...

Everyone knows Yuta Okkotsu is #2 and Gojo Satoru is #1 and Yuta using Gojo as a vessel may seem disrespectful but Gojo has been holding on to his title for the longest and society has made him a monster that is feared just so it can live on peacefully for its selfish desires.

Gojo has been used as a political pawn and a weapon for others’ agendas since he was just five years old, with little regard for his own feelings.

This exploitation extended to the USA when Kenjaku informed them about Gojo, leading them to see him merely as a potential source of infinite energy to be exploited.

Yuta argues that these people fail to understand the true nature of what they’re dealing with, and dismissing their humanity in pursuit of power is a cheap price to pay, much like how Yuji views his own death.

As a result, Yuta claims one of them needs to take Gojo’s spot once he dies and if no one is willing to step up, then he will!

Even this redditor figured this all out way before chapter 261 dropped!

I personally feel that if Gojo were watching this from the heavens (or hell), he’d approve Yuta’s plan. Because he kind of hinted at that himself throughout the story!

Gojo saw Yuta as his successor and hinted at his approval to take over his body!

Yuta’s prodigious powers have been obvious to Gojo ever since that day on the 1st page of Volume 0, where he rescued Yuta from the higher ups of Jujutsu High and took him to the school to train and become a fine sorcerer.

This is evident when Gojo mentions to Ichiji that he believes Yuta is one of the few students who have the potential to someday surpass him, alongside Yuji Itadori and Kinji Hakari.

(JJK Chapter 11)

Now, Yuta acknowledges that despite being the good guys, they are still part of the depressing world of jujutsu, I mean, Yuji himself had to eat his unborn brothers to gain power in parallel.

This final plan gives insane context to Yuta’s expressions during Gojo’s fight with Sukuna, where it seemed like he was shitting his pants.


There was nobody in that room who wanted Gojo to win more than Yuta because of how much he loved his sensei and knew what he would have to do. And why wouldn’t he? Gojo saved his ass at the beginning of Jujutsu Kaisen:0 and made him the person he is today.

Yuta begs Gojo not to bear the burden of being a monster alone anymore.

Because he is second to none to him, Yuta is able to put himself in Gojo’s shoes, where he responds that there’s nothing that can be done about that, as he was left in the dust when he separated from Geto, who committed atrocious acts to achieve his ideals, so he must do the same.

Yuta was strong enough to grasp the curse that comes with such decisions, as Gojo told him that love is the biggest curse of all.

From the very beginning of Jujutsu Kaisen, Yuta’s strength has stemmed from harnessing the power of his loved ones as curses, starting with Rika and now extending to Gojo. This is precisely where Yuta excels. As Gojo mentioned in chapter 1 of volume 0, the curse linked to Yuta has the potential to benefit others, depending on how it is wielded. Ultimately, it’s up to Yuta to decide if discarding all of that is truly worthwhile.

This brings Yuta’s journey full circle: his actions reveal that his love for Gojo and his friends is so strong that he is willing to forsake his humanity. By deciding to take Gojo’s body to defeat Sukuna, he becomes the very monster he aims to destroy, striving to reach their immense power.

This entire plot was hinted at when both Uro and Ryu warned Yuta about his limits, pushing him to the brink.

His overwhelming aggression, akin to a natural disaster, sets him apart, leaving him alone at the top.

To attain Gojo’s level of power, one must cast aside concerns about the future and personal identity.

It's interesting that Sukuna still regard Gojo as the Peak even after Gojo gets capture : r/Jujutsushi

Funnily enough even Uraume claimed modern sorcerers idea of “humanity” was holding the sorcerers back from breaking what they can.

(JJK Chapter 245)

And those of you who think this was a random asspull, well, look at what Hakari told about Yuta in chapter 245, basically foreshadowing his final plan to defeat Sukuna and Kenjaku, saying Yuta’s the type of person who will resort to any means to achieve that.

(JJK Chapter 245)

Yuta loved Gojo so much that he promised to kill Kenjaku so he wouldn’t have to kill his best friend again. Think about it, Gojo was the man who stopped his execution and nurtured him into who he is, claiming he didn’t want Yuta to be lonely, unlike him.

Just like for Yuji, Gojo personally trained Yuta, found him a home and took him to heights beyond his imagination. As a result, Gojo had no anxiety even after getting sealed in the prison realm because he knew his students would somehow turn things around and his faith in their abilities put him at ease.

(JJK Chapter 91)

Similarly, Gojo messed up again while trying to kill Sukuna, and since he had already stated that Yuta, Yuji and Hakari are his successors, he hopes the trio will actually work things out to accomplish what their master couldn’t, even if they have to dehumanize themselves.

Both Gojo and Yuta have shown to have a higher IQ in comparison to others, so there’s no doubt Yuta will have many things on his sleeve while fighting Sukuna in his sensei-body, despite the 5 minute time-limit and other limitations.