Who Is Pochita In Chainsaw Man?

Pochita from Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man Animation by MAPPA

Pochita is one of the most beloved characters in Chainsaw Man. The cute little dog-like creature captured the hearts of fans immediately! But, who is Pochita really? And what is he hiding behind his kawaii appearance?

From origin to powers, this article covers everything you need to know about Pochita AKA the Chainsaw Devil!

Origin of Pochita:

Pochita is actually the Chainsaw Devil in Chainsaw Man. When he first appeared in the series, he was gravely injured and on the verge of dying. Denji saves Pochita by giving him his blood and forms a contract with him.

With the help of Pochita, Denji is able to work as a Devil Hunter to pay off his debt to the Yakuza. During this time, the two form an extremely strong sibling-like bond.

One day, the Yakuza get fed up with Denji and decide to kill him. After much struggle, Denji and Pochita lose to the Zombie Devil. However, Pochita didn’t want his brother to die without realizing his dreams!

So, Pochita sacrificed himself to become Denji’s heart and bring him back to life. This gave birth to the Chainsaw Man.


Pochita has 3 different forms in the Chainsaw Man Universe. They are:

  • Original Devil Form
  • Near Death/ Weakened Form
  • Hybrid Form AKA Chainsaw Man

Original Devil Form:

This is the Chainsaw Devil in its original and raw state. This is the strongest and most badass form of Pochita! Similar to Denji’s hybrid form, his real devil form is a big, humanoid devil with four arms that each have chainsaws sticking out of them and another chainsaw coming out from the front of his head.

As if that wasn’t scary enough, his intestine which is still connected to his stomach is wrapped around his neck! 

Chainsaw Devil Original Form chapter 83
Chainsaw Devil as seen in chapter 83.

In his truest form, Pochita loses all his humanistic qualities and becomes a blood-thirsty killer. He is even stronger than his hybrid form as Denji’s Chainsaw Man.

Near Death Form:

This is probably the form that people associate Pochita with the most. Pochita was reduced to a weakened state after being fatally wounded in the battle between the four Horsemen and the Weapon Devils. 

Pochita near death form episode 1
Pochita’s near-death form in episode 1 of the anime.

He appears to be a cute dog-like creature in this form. Pochita is orange in color, with a small chainsaw protruding from his head. While he is not strong enough to fight on his own at this stage of his life, he can be used as a weapon or a tool.

You guessed it right, as a Chainsaw! 

Hybrid Form:

After making the contract with Denji, Pochita becomes his heart and a Human Devil hybrid is created known as Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man Hybrid Form
Chainsaw Man’s hybrid form in the anime.

Pochita is smaller, has no longer attached blood vessels to him, and has lost both handles, the chainsaw on his head, and all of his appendages. But he still retains his adorable dog-like look. The top of Pochita’s head is likewise directly attached to Denji’s chainsaw cord.

Denji can transform into Chainsaw Man by pulling the cord attached to his chest. We see this form of Pochita for most of the series due to the contract between Denji and Pochita! 

What makes Pochita so strong? 

Every Devil in the CSM world has a set of powers that define who they are. Their power itself is defined by the fear that creates them! If people fear something universally, then the devil will be stronger, like the Gun Devil. Let’s take a look at where the Chainsaw Devil stands!

General Devil Abilities:

Like all devils, Pochita has common powers like superhuman strength, regeneration, and healing abilities! These abilities become stronger as Pochita’s forms change.

For example, Pochita can only heal a little by drinking blood in his near-death form. On the other hand, the hybrid form can generate body parts and keep the chainsaw running till the end of time, as seen in the Eternity Devil Arc!

The original form, however, doesn’t require blood to heal and can instantly regenerate whole limbs are body parts! The Chainsaw Devil can even create a completely separate and independent body if required. Now that’s OP!

Being the Chainsaw Devil, he can access chainsaws from its limbs and head, leaving gruesome scenarios everywhere. The Chainsaw Devil can also unhook the chains of its chainsaw to capture his enemies, as seen in chapter 95 of the manga!

Devil Erasure:

You see, the Chainsaw Devil is no ordinary devil. As revealed in Chapter 84 of the manga, the Chainsaw Devil is chaos incarnate. His name provokes fear in all devils, be it in hell or on earth.

This is because the Chainsaw Devil is the only devil that can truly remove another devil from existence!

Chainsaw Man powers chapter 84

But, we know that the devils in Chainsaw Man are immortal, eternally stuck in a cycle between Earth and Hell! The Chainsaw Devil is so strong that when he consumes a Devil, that devil is completely erased from the face of the Universe. There is no trace left of the Devil and it is even removed from peoples’ memories and the books of history. 

Why Do Devils and Makima Want Pochita/Chainsaw Man’s Heart?

The Chainsaw Devil’s power completely changes the landscape for both the devil and the human world. Therefore, certain devils desire the Chainsaw Man’s heart in order to control and use this power, which is why Pochita in the hybrid form is being sought for.

This includes Makima, who has her own motives! 

However, others just want to kill Pochita or Chainsaw Man to get rid of such incredible power. Killing him wouldn’t be as easy as it seems though, because only the Chainsaw Devil himself has the power to make devils vanish from the universe!

Denji and Pochita’s Relationship:

The bond between Pochita and Denji is very heartwarming. It really goes to show that not all Devils are evil, and some of them can genuinely care about humans.

As we already mentioned, Denji saved Pochita when he was fatally injured. However, Pochita was not obligated to give anything in return to Denji.

However, he stuck with Denji through thick and thin, going as far as to become his heart and save his life.

Pochita and Denji sleeping

Pochita might be more humane than some actual human beings themselves. All he wanted from Denji in return for reviving him was for him to fulfill his dreams.

The Chainsaw Devil had developed human emotions like empathy and love, which we thought weren’t possible. Pochita always desired to be hugged by someone, but nobody would even come near him because of his hellish appearance and chainsaws protruding from his body.

However, Denji never hesitated in hugging him and treated Pochita with a lot of love.

Their relationship was essential and needed in the bleak CSM world because it led to humanity being more accepting of devils. They don’t fear devils as much as they did earlier, ultimately making the devils weaker.


Pochita is undoubtedly one of the most pivotal as well as beloved characters in CSM. We hope you learned something new about the cutie patootie Pochita, and the demonic bloodcurdling Chainsaw Devil. His story in the show is far from over so be prepared for more updates as the series goes on.

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